April 3, 2023 | Net Health

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The LTPAC Industry Needs Their Analytics Programs to Grow

Maturity is one of those words that creates mixed emotions in some. Is it a sign of getting older or a term to indicate that full potential has been reached? When it comes to analytics – maturity is more of the latter – it’s a state to attain – an attribute to achieve.

Here’s why: When your business analytics – or the data your organization possesses and taps to help improve operations – isn’t mature, you aren’t getting the insights and guidance you need to optimize performance and address and resolve problems.

The ability to achieve those objectives for the nation’s Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) facilities is especially critical in today’s complex marketplace. This industry has many challenges, from recovering from the devastation of the pandemic to hiring and retaining staff to financial and reimbursement concerns.

Our latest White Paper, LTPACs: Help Grow Your Facilities’ Outcomes with Mature Analytics, provides valuable insights into how to take the concept and apply it to a facility’s challenges and needs.

In it, we dig deeper into what Mature Analytics is, including:

  • How it works
  • Organizational stages
  • Benefits and value

Plus, you’ll find out how facilities applied the concepts of Mature Analytics to uncover problems ranging from rehospitalizations to staffing to how to tell their facility’s story best to secure referrals and grow the business.

Learn what an organization with 25 SNFs across seven states did when they discovered their rehospitalization rates were spiraling. Their process for transformation began with asking the right questions, from who is going back to the hospital, why, when, on what days and more.  From those insights, they were able to develop targeted programs that turned their rates around and made them competitive with the best facilities in the nation. Then discover how a mid-size SNF used their analytics to better tell the story of their clinical performance to referring providers and their community.  It’s a great lesson as their example highlights how even organizations with good star ratings can poorly communicate their value to referring providers and lose market share. (Don’t worry, that story has a happy ending.)

It’s practical, actionable and achievable guidance that can help your facility today and into the future.

We invite you to find out more today. Read the White Paper, LTPACs: Help Grow Your Facilities Outcomes with Mature Analytics and find out how to help your program “grow up” to meet the challenges of today.

Your LTPAC’s Analytics Program Needs to Grow 

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