March 31, 2023 | Net Health

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There’s Value in Analytics Maturity for SNF Payers: Find out How and Why

Net Health’s latest white paper explores a critical concern for payers within the Skilled Nursing Facility and Long-term Care marketplace. The dilemma they face is in this era of increasing complexity, uncertain regulations, staffing shortages and more, how can analytics be used to identify operational strengths and areas of need? In short, how can it help organizations meet the challenges of today?

Net Health’s Latest White Paper, Looking for an Organizational North Star? Let Advanced Analytics Guide the Way (LINK) sheds light on this vitally important area and looks at several fundamental issues, including:

  • What does advanced analytics mean for payers
  • How technology, specifically advanced analytics, can help payers
  • How the approach benefits key stakeholders
  • What are the critical pain points to address

A Path Forward

Finding a pathway to a more mature approach to analytics helps payers address several key issues. These include what will happen with the unwinding of the public health emergency; can staffing challenges be better managed; what SNFs can do to minimize ED within patient populations; and how ongoing closures will continue to impact the industry.

These issues directly impact payers and their members’ ability to access the care and services they need. Therefore, solutions that create efficiencies, optimize reimbursement, and minimize penalties are critical; advanced analytics can help.

Net Health’s White Paper also examines many of the real-world challenges that need to be addressed and how analytics can help. We discuss what that looks like for an SNF and how it can be applied to secure better operational, performance and financial outcomes.

Analysis Before Action

For example, a common reaction when an SNF sees longer than average lengths of stay is to encourage physicians to discharge earlier. However, a robust and mature analytics analysis may highlight other issues. For example, patients discharged too early with certain risk factors may be readmitted within 30 days, creating yet another problem to address. Understanding all the issues – thorough analysis before actions are taken – helps to enhance decision-making, and that can lead to better outcomes across the board.

Analytics can also provide insights into what an organization does well – its true North Star. Such insights can help payers fully understand their program’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, a payer may identify a provider network with lower levels of hospital readmissions or a nursing home with fewer falls or pressure injuries. Those are the groups a payer will want to remain in the network and to work with to help share their lessons and best practices with others.

Get Started Today

For more valuable insights, including what to look for in an analytics partner and how to get started in a more mature approach to analytics, check out the white paper below.

Your LTPAC’s Analytics Program Needs to Grow 

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