December 31, 2020 | Net Health

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Tips for OccMed Clinics for Meeting Employer Needs in the New Year

The New Year is almost upon us, and with that, employers are getting ready to hit the ground running and start the year fresh. Filled with new energy. Motivated by enthusiasm. And anxious to meet new company goals. Oftentimes employers will also turn to OccMed services to make sure their employees are well taken care of, while also making sure they have met any job requirements and prerequisites that may be in place for the new year.

This may then beg the question: What can OccMed clinics do to help businesses feel confident and strong as they enter 2021?

1) Offer a Wide Range of Services

For starters, the number of contracted services that OccMed providers can offer businesses may be just what an employer needs. This can range from helping them implement employee wellness programs, to providing drug tests or employee physicals, to handling workers’ compensation cases.

Sometimes an employer may also contract an OccMed provider to perform employee healthcare services in lieu of services provided by a group-health insurance program. Employers who are interested in these varied service offerings have one thing in common: an expectation to maintain a healthy workforce while also controlling ever-increasing healthcare costs.

They will be looking for measurable results, such as reductions in:

  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism (i.e., sick employees reporting to work)
  • After-hours use of emergency departments
  • Utilization of non-contracted urgent care facilities

2) Stay on Top of Work-Related Compensation Cases

Employers also expect OccMed providers to guarantee compliance with OSHA requirements when handling workers’ compensation cases. This means, among other things, maintaining accurate and complete records and guaranteeing the timely reporting of new work-related injuries and illnesses. As an OccMed provider, make sure to look for a software solution that offers pre-populated OSHA forms, coding support, and tracking and compliance tools to help these businesses.

3) Help Employers Get Their Employees Back to Work

OccMed providers can do more to strengthen this value proposition all throughout the year. By ensuring the fastest possible return to work, they can help employers retain valuable employees and reduce the costs associated with recruiting, hiring and training temporary or permanent replacement workers. By offering preventive health services and safety education year-round, OccMed providers can play a key role in reducing the frequency and duration of workers’ compensation claims while also boosting the employer’s productivity and profitability.

With these tips in mind, OccMed clinics can establish a strong foundation and relationship with employers, while simultaneously helping businesses feel like they have a reliable source to turn to in ensuring the health and safety of their employees well in to the new year. 

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