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Tissue Analytics Receives Cerner’s Code Program Member Adoption Award

Industry honor highlights the importance of streamlined data connections in healthcare

We wanted to take a moment to congratulate our colleagues at Tissue Analytics (TA), a Net Health company.  While they faced tough competition, including dozens of leading healthcare technology companies such as Amwell and Apple, Tissue Analytics, recently received Cerner’s code Program Member Adoption Award. The award is emerging as one of Cerner’s most prestigious honors for interoperable health technology applications. TA’s app is now listed on Cerner’s app marketplace.

This is the second year that Cerner has recognized key business partners at its annual Cerner Health Conference, which was held virtually in October. The award is designed to give recognition to third-party applications that meet health system client needs by using Cerner products.

Tissue Analytics is the market leader in wound care imaging and predictive analytics and provides artificial intelligence-powered software solutions that serve hospitals, post-acute facilities, and clinical trials. The platform uses best-in-class machine learning and computer vision to optimize documentation workflows and improve the quality of electronic medical records (EMR) data. Its wound management and assessment platform utilize the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards to integrate with Cerner’s EMR platform.

In announcing the award, Cerner stated: “Tissue Analytics makes extensive use of Cerner’s FHIR APIs to present clinicians with an end-to-end interface. Through this program, [clients] are seeing great benefits in allowing providers across the health system access to the same objective data. This is drastically improving the continuum of care for wound care patients.”

“Cerner has been a fantastic springboard for Tissue Analytics’ growth over the past several years,” said Kevin Keenahan, founder of Tissue Analytics. “We’re very fortunate to have a robust integration via the Cerner Open Developer Experience and we look forward to expanding the connection between the two platforms in the future.”

TA’s state-of-the-art wound care platform offers numerous benefits to providers across the healthcare system. In many healthcare facilities, rulers are still being used to measure wounds—a technique shown to be only 55 percent accurate and subject to significant variabilities.1 Accurate wound measurement is critical for treatment and healing. In contrast, TA’s digital photo technology has a 95+ percent accuracy rate.2 Accurate documentation helps drive quality care from inpatient admission, to discharge, to follow-up outpatient visits.

In addition, TA’s software improves patient care by allowing providers of all levels to accurately and objectively measure pressure injuries in a timely fashion. This leads to faster, standardized care and a substantial reduction in hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI) penalties.

Net Health acquired Tissue Analytics in 2020.  Together, we are continuing to expand our national footprint with current, prospective, and existing Cerner customers. Schedule a demo.

Our colleagues at Tissue Analytics are producing award-winning work on a daily basis for hospitals nationwide. To find out more, visit

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