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Tissue Analytics Webinar Shows How to Make State-of-the-Art Wound Care Standard

How can wound care specialists provide optimal care to patients with chronic wounds? By pairing their experience and passion with sophisticated wound documentation technology that is intuitive, sharable and secure. A new webinar from Tissue Analytics shows how.

Who is Tissue Analytics?

As a refresher, Tissue Analytics (TA), which earned Breakthrough Device Status by the FDA in 2022, develops technology that improves wound measurement and documentation consistency and accuracy, primarily through imaging. TA’s mobile app captures, measures, records and shares wound images and patient information with those involved in treatment. With this technology, the time spent documenting and identifying errors in calculations and records significantly decreases. In addition, because it can be used on all smart devices, the app is accessible to anyone granted access and offers standardization across the board regardless of methodology.

Interfacing with all major EHRs, TA’s mobile app helps streamline workflows, as it automatically provides additional, more detailed information about wound measurements, predictions, and the best course of treatment. If not attached to a supporting EHR, TA can still be used through a secure portal that creates a shareable PDF file of patient information. In addition, an implementation guide is available, placing advanced wound care technology within easy reach of all who treat this kind of complicated, challenging medical condition.

What Does a Comprehensive Wound Tracking Solution Look Like?

Really, really cool. As the webinar shows, creating the wound image is just the beginning. Just as geographical images have gone from the flat pages of a map to rotatable 3D visuals, a single wound image and video taken with the TA app captures not only the standard measurements of the wound but charts the perimeter, depth, and tissue color as well. Along with the visible perimeter, various lines depict surface area, and pie charts portray a color-coded breakdown of tissue condition. 

In addition to automated measurements, a section for observations makes recording all critical notes on each image straightforward and thorough. Any additional documentation can be added through included icons, and all information is safely uploaded and available immediately in the EHR.

User roles are security-driven, access is controlled, and there is consistency across users as all previous photos are stored and accessible. For example, with a simple scan of a patient’s wristband barcode, all wound assessment history is accessible. In addition, all previous image documentation can be reviewed, and new information can be added and made available in real-time.

What Can Be Done with the Data?

In addition to dramatically improved patient care, the TA app uses artificial intelligence to analyze wound care records and flag potential problems with certain types of wounds. For example, wounds with risk of deterioration are flagged, alerting wound care specialists to the need for preventative measures that can help them get ahead of additional challenges. TA will continue to invest in new analytics models and improved reporting capabilities, giving the advantage of the best possible care to those in the wound care field and the patients they serve.

Want a Personalized Tissue Analytics Demonstration? Let’s do It!

For wound care professionals unfamiliar with Tissue Analytics or who would like a refresher on the capabilities of this powerful wound documentation tool, this webinar provides a detailed but quick guided tour. Access a recording here.

For more information or to schedule a personalized demonstration, contact us today.

Tissue Analytics On-Demand Demo

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