February 5, 2021 | Net Health

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University Business Article Cites Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Tracking System

As medical facilities across the country ramp up COVID-19 vaccination programs for staff and patients, the need for better recordkeeping on who receives the vaccine is becoming apparent.

The problem was driven home in a recent article in University Business (UB), “Vaccine on campus: Now what?” As the authors state, tracking vaccinations can be a complicated and perplexing matter. What is required, they maintain, is a “nimble and responsive” information and data system, like Net Health’s new mobile immunization tracking system, which is part of the Net Health® comprehensive employee health software solution.

Revising the routine

The UB article explains that while the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is accompanied by a national sigh of relief, it is also bringing new challenges like scheduling when the vaccine will be available and administered, keeping track of who gets the vaccine, and making sure all who want to receive it, do. Though vaccination is not likely to become mandatory, it may well become commonplace as a “passport” for travel and a requirement for attendance at large-scale events. For any facility or institution that hosts large populations, the need for sophisticated immunization documentation and recordkeeping is no longer simply important, it is essential.

Old School Meets ‘New Normal’

As vaccines arrive at universities, university hospitals and medical schools across the country, employees and students in these facilities will be part of a movement that allows them to not only continue to care for patients, but also help protect their families and communities. As college campuses reopen their doors to the next generation of young professionals and campus staff, they face the new challenge of maintaining up-to-date, easily accessible immunization records for the thousands in attendance every day. What all these institutions have in common is the need to effectively gather, record and track those vaccines administered, and to do so in a way that protects both individual privacy and collective well-being. (Read more about the importance of controlling COVID on campuses and innovative approaches in the UB article.)

A Proven Solution

As the UB article states, medical facilities seeking to effectively manage the influx of data that accompanies a massive vaccination effort have found an answer in electronic health records. Net Health Employee Health is one such program, offering a seamless connection from patient to medical provider, saving time, reducing human error, and keeping medical records secure. Information stored on this platform is detailed, clear and easily managed, giving clinicians access to vital information at the touch of a button or the scan of a badge. At a time when the need for efficient patient care is at its peak, Net Health Employee Health removes the complexity associated with health records, and replaces it with a well-organized way to track and treat patients.

Like larger medical facilities, higher education institutions managing large numbers of staff and students can utilize this type of program as well. Giving the opportunity to manage all immunization, testing data, and other health information in one place allows authorized staff to access this information, as well as consent, and confirmation. In a time when peace of mind feels hard to come by, this state-of-the-art digital record platform helps to ensure that medical staff, and those they treat, can focus on what is most important. 

Managing your immunization program is hard, Net Health makes it easier. View this checklist to improve workforce immunization tracking, or discover the best practices for immunization tracking.

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