November 1, 2017 | Net Health

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What is the EMR bringing to the table? Innovation and Creativity in Healthcare.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) faced a bumpy inception into the medical world in part due to the financial burdens and disruption implementation initially caused, but the benefits presented outweigh their burdens. EMR technology is pushing us towards safer, smarter, and more effective medical environments. With EMR technology, medical practices can holistically document patient data, standardize and consistently apply proper treatments, and safeguard healthcare practices against medical errors.

Information technology has come late to health care delivery. But in 2009, federal regulations applied financial incentives and penalties to drive broad implementation of EMRs. While introducing this technology has been costly and disruptive to traditional medical practice, there is no question that patients and purchasers can receive benefits in terms of improving safety, ensuring necessary care, and avoiding unnecessary care.

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