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Welcome to Net Health!

Net Health is reuniting caregivers with their calling by creating world-class rehabilitation therapy solutions that span the continuum of care from hospital to home. The outpatient therapy setting is continuously evolving, and we’re excited to have you along side with us on this journey.

Our number one goal is to help you preserve and maintain the stability of your operations. To minimize any disruption to your business Net Health is currently offering two options:

Net Health Therapy is our leading outpatient therapy software that serves thousands of therapy providers, including some of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States. Some of the key highlights of Net Health Therapy include:

  • Cloud-based solution with latest security and performance enhancements
  • All-in-one solution including practice management, scheduling, documentation, billing, productivity tools, and more
  • Integrated features including appointment reminders, home exercise programs, reputation management, and telehealth

For those Casamba Clinic customers who elect to migrate to Net Health Therapy there will be no charge for implementation, training, or data migration (savings of up to $5,000).

Customers who execute a migration agreement will receive up to two months of their software subscription at no cost.

Click here for more detailed information about migrating to Net Health Therapy.

If your current Casamba Clinic product configuration (both the legacy desktop and newer web versions of Casamba Clinic) are adequately serving the needs of your business you may continue to use it for the foreseeable future. If you choose this option know that you can expect a fully supported, stable, and regulatory-compliant environment.

New features and capabilities will only be provided on the web version of Casamba Clinic.  We recommend (but do not require) adoption of the web version of Casamba Clinic for all customers given the improved performance and stability of the platform, the elimination of Citrix, and the enhanced features contained in the web version.  If you’re not yet using the web version of Casamba Clinic but are interested in doing so please contact us at the email below.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Customers — If you have questions about Revenue Cycle Management please contact us at the email below.

Customers who execute a renewal agreement will receive up to two months of their software subscription at no cost.

Watch the Clinic Web Product Tour

Email for questions and to start your renewal

The Details — There is no change to your current pricing at this time, regardless of which option you choose. Customers who execute renewal or migration agreements will receive up to two months of their software subscription at no cost.

* Some Casamba Clinic customer rates are below Net Health’s minimum monthly rates; as such, those customers will receive a rate increase to the Net Health minimum rate.

The Future — Net Health continues to invest in developing best-in-class products and services for all rehab therapy settings. Please review the options and check back frequently as we’ll be updating this information over time. If you have questions or would like to speak with someone from Net Health please contact us at

At Net Health, we are reuniting caregivers with their calling.