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Missed Visit Prediction Indicator

The Missed Visit Prediction Indicator uses real-time data available from your facility’s EHR to predict the likelihood of a missed visit for an individual patient. As your patient’s visit history grows, the prediction becomes more fine-tuned to the patient’s individual behavior patterns.

  • Uses an advanced scheduling model based on research that identified the most impactful variables leading to missed visits in medical offices¹ – time of day, the distance between the patient’s home and office, and prior missed appointments to determine the likelihood of a missed visit.
  • When available, referral type (doctor or self), demographic(age, gender), day of the week, geographic location, and days on service.
  • Incorporates data already entered into your EHR by clinicians and schedulers and makes inferences from your data.
  • Scores at or above industry standards for predictive analytics in a medical setting

It’s time to stop losing money from missed appointments.

We all know missed appointments can be aggravating, but did you know you could also be losing revenue, lots of it?

Studies show providers lose an average of $165 to 200 per unused time slot.  An astounding 27% of appointments are missed – that translates to thousands of dollars a year. More importantly, patients are missing out on the important clinical benefits to be gained from their visits.

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