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Tools to Help You Manage The Flu Season and COVID-19

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Net Health in the News: Recognized for Quick Response to COVID-19

Net Health was recognized in a recent article by Human Resources Director magazine for responding quickly to the need for health monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Net Health is one of six technology companies listed in the article for launching COVID-19 trackers for enterprise use. Net Health this week announced a new software solution to […]

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Mobile Immunization Tracking for Vaccine Management – Net Health

Mobile application designed to provide compliant and efficient immunization tracking  PITTSBURGH, PA, December 10, 2020 – To ensure the safety of employees, patients and their communities, immunization programs are critical components of occupational health. To make those campaigns efficient, safe and compliant, Net Health has developed a proprietary web-based Mobile Immunization Tracking platform to more […]

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How Employee Health Can Ease Provider Burnout

News of burnout in healthcare made headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the problem has plagued the medical profession for decades. Addressing burnout requires a multifaceted approach that begins with systematically recognizing and tracking its causes and symptoms. Employee Burnout is Widespread Among Healthcare Professionals Individuals experiencing burnout suffer mental or physical exhaustion, often combined […]

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