May 9 – 13, 2022

Net Health’s  5-Day Support A Healthcare Worker Challenge

National Hospital Week

Thank You For Your Service Healthcare Workers!

As the challenges of the flu season and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is still a stressful time for healthcare workers. Join Net Health in showing our appreciation with our 5-day Support A Healthcar Worker Challenge to commemorate National Hospital Week. #NHloveshealthcareworkers 

Net Health’s 5-day Support A HEALTHCARE Worker CHALLENGE


Donate to healthcare workers


Give a healthcare worker a social media shoutout


Help a healthcare frontline worker


Take care of each other


Support a hospital

Day 1: Donate to healthcare frontline workers
Consider donating money and basic supplies to a hospital for National Hospital Week and expressing gratitude to health professionals in your community.  Donate to the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund (World Health Organization).

Net Health® Employee Health  and Occupational Medicine can help support our Healthcare and OccMed workers by tracking multiple health hazard exposures across the workforce easily and quickly with less time and effort.

Day 2: Give a healthcare worker a social media shoutout

Your support can go a long way in helping to encourage our healthcare frontline workers. Recognizing their sacrifice and thanking them could help boost their spirits. Show your support on social media for National Hospital Week using #NHloveshealthcareworkers.

For clinicians who manage employee health and other healthcare settings, life has been overwhelming over the past year. Net Health supports healthcare workers.

Day 3: Help a healthcare worker
Healthcare workers put their health and safety on the line to care for you and your family every day. Do something for them today or this week for National Hospital Week to make life easier and or safer for them. View On-Demand Webinar:
Navigating Immunization Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers
Hear how the Occupational Health and Wellness Department at CVPH significantly reduced manual labor associated with scanning and uploading employee vaccination forms and provided the necessary technology to keep its employees safe and productive during the pandemic.

Day 4: Take care of each other

The easiest way to help healthcare workers is by taking care of each other. Help your vulnerable neighbors. Reach out to the people you know, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and relatives who can benefit from a friendly text or video call.

In this unprecedented time, Net Health Employee Health can help provide everything needed to support employees and ensure patients are better protected.

Day 5: Support a hospital

Contact your local hospital or care facility, which should have a dedicated COVID-19 incident command center and guidelines on how to donate or volunteer at that hospital for National Hospital Week.

Net Health helps hospital and executives with the platform, Business Insights For Employee Health, to provide at-a-glance visual insights needed on compliance, patient flow, illness and injury rates, and cost.

Thank You For Your Service Healthcare Workers!

Net Health has also adapted to provide a true solution that brings efficiencies together in one system that can link to employee health records and cater to the unique needs of employee health and occupational medicine professionals.

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