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for Private Practices and Traveling Wound Care Providers

We take care of the business side so you can get back to what you love: caring for patients. 

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Helping Those in Need: The Life of a Traveling Wound Care Provider

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We understand every wound care practice is unique.

Net Health Wound Care is a specialized EHR solution for private practice and traveling wound care providers. Net Health Tissue Analytics is AI-powered wound imaging and analysis software that improves workflows and your ability to heal wounds.  Together, they are a complete solution for private practice and traveling wound care providers that:

  • Delivers objective wound measurements,
  • Reduces manual data entry and documentation exchange,
  • Monitors regulations to keep you compliant, and
  • Simplifies billing to help you get claims out quickly and accurately.

Our customized solution provides compliance and billing resources at your fingertips, for practices of all sizes and budgets.

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1 Million

Wounds healed annually with Net Health Wound Care.

We connect with the biggest names in healthcare. Net Health connects with Meditech Stay Compliant Get Paid.
An experienced Net Health professional consultant will identify gaps in best practices to improve compliance and maximize revenue. Our partnership with Healthmonix can help you conquer MIPS and drive value-based care in your practice. Spend less time on manual documentation exchange.
Save countless hours on manual charting, printing, faxing, and emails by automating the exchange of clinical documentation through secure integration via the PointClickCare marketplace. Learn About Our Partners

Software for
Wound Healing

Our private practice wound software offers an engaging and adaptive user experience that supports custom workflows and intuitively guides clinicians through optimal and compliant documentation. This is the private practice electronic medical recording solution you’ve been searching for.

End-to-End Functionality

Get real-time analysis and visualization of your wound care performance. Integrations include assessments, mobile photo capture with automated measurement, benchmarking, billing and reporting.

Prove Outcomes
and Optimize Revenue

Run a competitive, quality-centered practice and be confident in documentation for MIPS and other value-based payment programs. Plus, count on integrated billing to keep reimbursements on point.

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Boost Your Private Practice’s Wound Care Capabilities


Advanced Wound Imaging

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Automate Wound​ Measurement and Analysis. Take the subjectivity out of your wound assessments and enable consistency across visits with automated measurement technology. Eliminate 90% of the measurement error associated with manual, ruler-based measurements.

Document From Anywhere. Eliminate paper charting and after-hours data entry with a mobile application and offline capabilities. Capture wound images and documentation in the clinic or on the go by seamlessly transferring to Net Health Wound Care when you’re back online.

Mobile Wound Imaging. Maintain highly consistent, rich wound imaging documentation from anywhere with just a mobile device and a small green Avery label. ​

Get Claims Out Quickly. Save time and speed up reimbursement on accurate claims with procedure and E&M code automation paired with our integrated billing solution.

Optimize your workflow and your business. Transform into a high-performing wound clinic with expert consulting that covers everything from workflow to reimbursement.


Clinical and Operational Analytics

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Net Health’s suite of predictive analytics models for wounds is a technology and clinical breakthrough that assists clinicians in evaluating, treating, and managing patient relationships.


Other Features

MIPS documentation and reportingIntegrated BillingProfessional Services for workflow management and optimization

You give wholehearted, nonstop care.

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View regulatory compliance information for Net Health Wound Care (formerly WoundExpert)

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Helping Those in Need: The Life of a Traveling Wound Care Provider

Care in a home setting is far more than just convenient. Recent studies have shown that people heal quicker and are happier in their own homes. Additional benefits of at-home care are improved quality, reduced admissions and cost savings.

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