Reducing Employee Health Spend with Agility – RWJBarnabas

Caryl Russo, SVP RWJ Barnabas Health Corporate Care shares her strategies on how her team improved employee safety, reduced workers’ comp, and built a scalable model for success.

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My name is Scott Boyden, and I’m the Vice President of Sales for Agility. I think you’re in for a treat. I think you have all seen the tremendous results, and you’re probably here to learn how they got them. Quick background on Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health: 40,000 employees in 14 different hospitals across the state. They were a recipient of the 2015 Teddy award and overall it receives over 85% reduction in workers’ comp expenses, in addition to $3.5 million workers’ comp cost savings. They’re here to tell you how they did it.

Caryl Russo: I will say this, Aggressive aggressive modified duty. I’ve had CEOs say “well I’m not gonna pay somebody $30 an hour to do with $10 an hour job.” And I try and educate them that “your other options pay them sit at home.” We’ve developed an “Aggressive Modified Duty Bank”, I’ve dismantled any barriers. We have
barriers in some hospitals where they’d only allow 3 FTEs to be working modify duty at any given time. Gone.

Here’s another huge thing that we’ve put into place. Now we do weekly claims calls. And that means that every single week I go over every single open claim across this entire organization. It’s a huge investment of time, but I’ve discovered it to be one of the single most valuable things because we all know the claim that goes off the rails is usually not the one that you’re expecting to.

Also… Standardized standardized standardized. Very very difficult. I have described it as being it’s probably easier to tack jello to the wall than to standardized across multiple sites, but do your best to standardize.

Because that’s where you’re going to be very effective. And last, but not least, and we are not a paid, you know, spokesperson, we have an outstanding EHR, Agility has been amazing for us. We use every tool available. We have metrics, and there are simple dashboards are not very complicated. And we educate everyone to understand what those metrics are. And there are so many opportunities for us to seek feedback, and to make us better.