Effective patient scheduling is really an artform. Optimizing your therapists’ productivity without comprising quality begins with how well you manage your practice’s schedule. The fact is, profit margins are shrinking with stagnating reimbursements, higher patient financial responsibility and increased administrative burdens. Ensuring patients are scheduled effectively is critical to maximizing your outpatient therapy practice’s revenue. But how can your practice eliminate wait times, increase patient engagement, keep therapists happy and exceed revenue goals?

In this webinar we will turn some of the typical scheduling best practices on their heads. Join outpatient therapy industry experts—Chris Keating, Bryan Nichols and Kelly Cascio—to get their take on creative scheduling solutions that will allow your practice to balance your clinical team’s productivity. Learn how you can treat as many patients as possible , while keeping patient satisfaction and outcomes high.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to successfully use these eight scheduling strategies:

  1. 1. Applying strategic patient classifications
  2. 2. Creating clinician-driven schedules
  3. 3. Implementing automation for reminders, care path rules and point of care documentation
  4. 4. Ditching the wait list
  5. 5. Understanding five critical metrics impacting your schedule
  6. 6. Scheduling to your expectations
  7. 7. Limiting overbooking by understanding patient availability
  8. 8. Scheduling with the patient not for the patient