Reimbursement delays or underpayment for outpatient therapy services is frustrating and slows growth. Yet outpatient therapy clinics face these challenges every day because their EMR system doesn’t incorporate billing functionality. Clinics are stuck using separate systems that limit access to patient and billing data—resulting in error-prone or incomplete claims submissions. Learn how new advances in technology can eliminate these “billing blues” so your clinic can run a more efficient, revenue-generating business.

Michael Katri, a founder of Optima Healthcare Solutions, shares how a single software platform can help outpatient therapy clinics to:

  • Streamline clinic operations with pre-population of claims with patient and treatment data, which reduces errors and boosts reimbursement
  • Ensure patient and treatment data flows seamlessly to billing to ensure speedy payments and happier, more productive staff
  • Understand how they can benefit, through real examples of how data can flow seamlessly from referrals to appointment management to billing