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Caryl Russo, Ph.D., SVP Corporate Care for RWJBarnabas Health, sharing her experience with Agility, and how they rely on it to generate data she describes as “realistic, real-time, good, strong, solid reports” that enable them to make better business decisions.

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My name is Caryl Russo, I’m the Senior Vice President for Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health Corporate Care. We are a division of second largest private employer in the state New Jersey, the largest healthcare provider.

We had an electronic system that was for private practice. It didn’t have the vast amount of functionality that we ultimately did need. I would say that fundamentally, we used that for our scheduling, for some of our notes. And the basis, the rest of our business, was paper charts.

Sadly, I can’t tell you how many paper charts have been misplaced. With Agility, and I know I’m jumping into that, that’s a nightmare that went away.

Having an electronic solution that enables us to generate and manage the claim, to do the OSHA log, to generate safety reports, and infection control reports. And we now, it takes us minutes to run a report, that in the past would have been a day’s work for somebody.

Now when you go to the outside business for us, being able to manage that billing piece, I mean it’s crucial and it’s the reason why you have a business is to generate income and to have a strong positive relationship with outside employers.

Being able to generate realistic, real-time, good, strong, solid reports has enabled us to make far better business decisions. And I have to tell you, we haven’t regretted any of the business decisions we’ve made because the data has been so solid.

Agility has given us the ability to manage our denials far more effectively, we can generate the letters right out the system.

Having Agility is enabled us to understand where all our opportunities are to continue to grow and expand our market share or address some sort of a competitive threat. And recover that business sooner so that we’d been able to continue to maintain that Market share.