Net Health Therapy for Acute Care

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Info Sheet: Net Health Therapy for Acute Care

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Digital Patient Management Board in Net Health Therapy for Acute Care

Digital Patient Management Board: Digitally manage new or changed orders and clinician assignments, automate patient management, and monitor caseload in real-time.

Real-Time Clinician Worklist in Net Health Therapy for Acute Care

Real-Time Clinician Worklist: Ensure therapists are prepared for every patient and track work completion status with direct access to patient visits and documentation.

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Panel Discussion: Acute Care Therapy Trends and Best Practices in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way hospitals must think about and approach rehab therapy care delivery in 2021, especially in the acute care setting. Check out this on-demand recording of a special panel discussion with three hospital Directors of Rehab to hear success stories and discussion of the most important trends and best practices for managing […]

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Hospital Therapy Operations Across the Board

On the surface, a hospital’s various therapy settings, such as outpatient therapy and acute care rehab, have drastically different approaches, goals, and requirements. However, when we look a bit deeper, we find that these settings share a myriad of similar pain points that can be addressed and improved upon together to generate significant improvements across the board. […]

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