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Business School 101 for Physical Therapy: Stretching Your Target Market

The Business School 101 for Physical Therapy series is designed for outpatient therapy business owners and leaders. Over the next several weeks, we will explore concepts and strategies within business operations, marketing, finance, customer knowledge, and more. Of course, it is not meant to replace a traditional MBA degree, but we hope it will provide helpful insights, tips, or refreshers for growth-minded business novices and veterans alike. Being in a therapy […]

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3 Free But Forgotten Marketing Channels for Physical Therapy Businesses

Most physical therapy clinics know that marketing is an essential business operation. But the cost of marketing activities is enough to make even seasoned marketers groan, especially when returns may not be immediately obvious. While marketing costs are often unavoidable, there are plenty of opportunities to market your business for free that often get overlooked. The key […]

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How Outpatient Therapy Clinics Can Increase Direct Referrals

There isn’t a single form of marketing that is more effective, economical, and conversion-driving than a direct referral. The ability to create and cultivate raving fans who generate business for you is the most sustainable way to stretch your marketing dollar and ensure the longevity of your practice. Knowing this, it begs the obvious follow-up […]

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The 7 Characteristics of an Effective and Protected Rehab Therapy Referral Funnel

Long gone are the days where offering the best patient care in town is enough to drive new business through the door. Today, physical therapy marketers are having to think outside the box and rely heavily on other effective mediums of patient acquisition-like referrals. What’s unique about this traffic source is that referral funnels (the […]

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Simple Yet Effective Tip #6 for Your Private Practice: Create a Media List

Have you ever thought about who your local media is? When starting your own rehab private practice, this is something that is worth thinking about and taking into consideration. Not only can it help you with your marketing plans, but it can also gear you towards fine-tuned success. Developing a media list is an essential […]

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Outpatient Therapy and Consumer Confidence: What to Know Post-PHE

As public health officials and medical providers have been busy battling a global pandemic, another contender has entered the ring – fear. For the past year and a half, healthcare professionals and patients alike have feared for their own health, as well as the safety of their loved ones. Now, it’s time for outpatient therapy providers to fight […]

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4 Strategies to Bring in More Physical Therapy Revenue

Physical therapists spend so much time promoting patient health that we often forget to promote our own physical therapy business. Yet, with a roster of talented physical therapists at the helm of each practice, there are several ways rehab environments can begin to maximize revenue and improve patient care. After all, when your business thrives, your patients […]

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Is a Positive Online Presence Really Necessary for Physical Therapy Providers?

You don’t have to go far in today’s business climate to hear a barrage of digital marketing buzzwords about the quality of your online presence. Reputation management…Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…Business Citations…Revenue Funnels. And while these words certainly sound important, here are the real questions. Is a positive online presence that encompasses these concepts really necessary […]

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