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Net Health SNF Therapy Business Intelligence: What’s New, What’s Improved

About Net Health Therapy for SNF Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence enables proactive, data-driven management of therapy operations for skilled therapy providers through operational, clinical, and financial analytics directly from your current EMR data.

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Do Online Reviews Matter for SNF Rehab Therapists? You Bet They Do!

If you have an opinion but decide not to express it online, does it truly carry any significance? We ask this in jest, of course, as sometimes it can seem we live in an era of extreme subjectivity. Through countless websites and apps, people are encouraged to share their personal experiences so often that it […]

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The Impact of Setting Performance Goals for Your Rehab Therapy Clinic

When patients come into your rehab clinic for assessments and treatments, they may only see a single physical, occupational or speech therapist along with an aide, in some cases. Yet, in nearly every rehab facility, there’s an entire team of people working behind the scenes to help ensure each patient achieves optimal outcomes through his […]

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The Value of Retention: Rehab Therapy Marketing to Inactive Patients

Here’s a statistic that may blow your mind: It can be anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer or client than it is to keep a current one.1 That sobering figure comes to us courtesy of the Harvard Business Review. And yet, when our Net Health team speaks to […]

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Wound Care

MIPS Submissions: 5 Tips for a Smoother Submission Process

For those of us who have any interactions with the Merit-Based Incentive Program (MIPS), January to March is a particularly busy time of year.  Some of us are still working through 2021 documentation audits, checking calculations, collaborating with clinical data registries, and generally working towards making our 2021 MIPS submissions to CMS.  At the same […]

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5 Key KPIs for SNF Therapy Teams

There’s no debate that having easy access to the right data makes anyone’s job as a healthcare leader that much easier. However, the operative phrases here are easy access and the right data. And for SNF therapy leaders who already have to wear so many hats, finding the time to know what to measure, how […]

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Real-World Benefits of Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Space

If you’ve been following along with this blog series, I hope you’ve enjoyed our deep dive into healthcare analytics and how it’s poised to change with the implementation and growth of predictive analytics and machine learning. If you haven’t, I’d really encourage you to take a minute to check out the previous posts linked here. What […]

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How to Pitch Your Physical Therapy to the Media

Through your media relations efforts, you heard through the grapevine that a writer, journalist, producer or the like is interested in telling a story with ties to physical therapy. Maybe it’s a story about preventing back pain while running, dealing with chronic pain, or preventing injury/surgery. Regardless, your instinct is immediate: You want to be […]

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5 Ways to Improve Productivity in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

The adoption of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) caused rehab therapists to focus on offering more holistic, collaborative care from the entire medical team. Now, more than two years since the updated PDPM went into effect, the focus has shifted again, this time to productivity principles among physical, occupational and […]

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6 Helpful Blog Tips for Your Physical Therapy Practice

If your physical therapy practice has a website, adding a blog to it is a smart idea. Why? Because blog content can help search engines find your website, as well as help improve your rankings in search without paying for costly ads. That said, you also have to do the blog right so it will […]

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