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It can be difficult for companies to juggle compliance regulations and guidelines, as well as keep track of their employees’ health records, when they may have to rely on separate systems to gather crucial information.

Now there’s a software solution that brings workplace health
management and compliance together, while saving you time and dollars on cumbersome paper processes.

Net Health® Employee Health improves the health of your employees, and your business.

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What’s Your Employee’s Health in This Flu and COVID Season?

Watch On-Demand For COVID-19 Mobile Immunization Tracking Telehealth Business Insights

Net Health Employee Health for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies track employee health. Plagued by staff shortages, companies can barely keep up with mandatory guidelines and recommendations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which keep changing by the day. And that doesn’t even include state-specific reporting requirements and vaccination mandates, which make accurate and timely reporting more challenging than ever. Fortunately, our software gives your organization everything you need to meet reporting and tracking requirements while keeping your workforce safe.

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Net Health Mobile Immunization Tracking

Now that it is highly likely new COVID-19 variants and new vaccines will become part of the healthcare landscape for the foreseeable future, how will your organization manage it all? Net Health® Mobile Immunization Tracking enables you to update vaccination and immunization information using a mobile app.

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In a world becoming increasingly dependent on virtual care, give your employees access to the providers they need through Telehealth, a HIPAA compliant video connection (via Net Health partnership).

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Business Insights for Employee Health

To lead your organization well, you need visibility into key performance indicators. Business Insights for Employee Health provides a look into the Employee Health part of your organization, as well as real-time, visual and daily updates on a dashboard. When you understand the trends, you can improve your employees’ health and reduce your costs.

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