FOTO offered us the opportunity to have electronic, standardized, objective data for patient satisfaction and outcomes in the outpatient setting.”

Mark Buckley, VP of Clinical Operations at Mid South Rehab Services

The Challenge

Mid South Rehab Services, a multi-disciplinary therapy provider with locations in several U.S. states, understood the importance of accurate and easy-to-digest patient satisfaction and outcome measures. While the company had previously found some useful resources for its inpatient post-acute care and speech therapy departments, it lacked a dedicated solution for its outpatient settings besides an internal patient survey. “The gap we noticed was that we didn’t have electronic, risk-adjusted, standardized and objective outcome measures to compare internally and nationally for our true outpatient settings,” said Mark Buckley, VP of Clinical Operations.

Existing outpatient therapy market solutions failed to offer a robust enough solution that was flexible, intelligently standardized, and easy to deploy. Without a firm grasp on this critical data, therapists, management staff, and the C-suite were left with limited resources to drive growth, build efficiencies, and make better-informed decisions.

We already had very impressive reports but now with the outpatient component being standardized and benchmarked with FOTO, they’re just beautiful. Our customers are really loving that. It’s really hard to beat Mid South right now.”

Mark Buckley, VP of Clinical Operations at Mid South Rehab Services

The Solution

While the idea of a robust outpatient outcomes management tool that’s easy to deploy, user-friendly, and adaptable sounded like a dream, Mid South Rehab Services was happy to learn a solution that checked all these boxes and more actually existed.

Enter FOTO Patient Outcomes (FOTO), an industry-leading outcomes management system that provides real-time information on treatment effectiveness and enables providers to easily manage quality care metrics, track patient satisfaction, and market their successes.

At Mid South Rehab Services, therapists used FOTO to improve their patient engagement and buy-in by tangibly setting realistic care plan expectations and sharing treatment results and progress compared to national averages.

The Results

Currently deployed at 14 Mid South Rehab Services’ outpatient facilities, the effects of FOTO can be felt at all levels. Some of the major results the company has already seen include:

  • An ability to easily share frequently updated reports with facilities, teams, and individual therapists on survey completion rates, outcome scores, and patient satisfaction scores
  • An increase in survey completion percentages from 60% to 80-90%, painting a much clearer and more accurate picture at all levels
  • Increased patient satisfaction levels as the patient can see the therapist is more engaged and acutely aware of their conditions and progress
  • A steep increase in director and therapist engagement
  • Marketing opportunities to showcase results to increase referrals
  • An ability to reward high-performing therapists and identify targeted clinical areas for professional development
  • An executive dashboard showing year-to-date data to drive decision-making

The proverbial cherry on top of these benefits is that FOTO has been easy to integrate, user-friendly, and came with extensive support and training resources. “I was able to develop therapist training because FOTO’s got great training,” notes Penny Lewis, COTA/L, Clinical Operations Assistant.

Thanks to these results and the ease of implementation and management, Mid South Rehab Services plans to deploy FOTO to an additional four locations this year with additional growth on the horizon.