Net Health® ReDoc

From Compliance Risk to Rehab ROI: Software Built for Growth

A Hospital EHR trusted by more than 96% of the top US Healthcare systems for over 30 years.

An Essential Electronic Medical Record Partner for Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy

Eliminate Compliance Risks That Threaten Revenue 

  • Realize a reported $1 million annual reduction in compliance fines  
  • Reduce preventable claim denials by at least 82%
  • Eliminate errors with improved coding accuracy 
  • Easily capture and submit treatment approvals  

Manage Your Department Effectively

  • 15-hour reduction in scheduling time with our Patient Management Board 
  • 21% increase in billable units and employee satisfaction
  • Realize a 5x ROI by reducing patient missed visits
  • 2.5x improvement in therapist productivity

Uncover Hidden Costs in Patient Population

  • Generate $19K additional revenue per therapist
  • See 20% more visits per episode of care
  • Improve patient outcomes and predict future needs
  • Stay on top of every regulation update with coding updates and alerts  


Time to Rethink Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy Operations  

Learn five ways to improve physical therapist productivity and easily keep track of patient data…while meeting staff goals across multiple care settings. 

Case Study

East Liverpool City Hospital Streamlines Hospital Administration
with Net Health ReDoc

Get paid for the care you provide and eliminate costly penalties, payment denials and capacity challenges with automated compliance tools and defensible rehab therapy documentation for outpatient physical therapy.

Increase revenue, improve compliance & reduce therapist burnout.

Net Health ReDoc doesn’t just talk a big game, it delivers! Let us show you how, schedule a demo today to see our outpatient physical therapy EMR in action.

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Net Health’s Hospital Outpatient EMR, known as ReDoc, is comprehensive outpatient physical therapy electronic medical record software specifically designed for hospitals, whether hospital outpatient or inpatient acute care.

It streamlines patient care management, enhances coordination among various departments, and improves overall operational efficiency in the hospital setting. 

ReDoc allows for real-time, accurate recording and tracking of patient information. This results in reduced documentation errors, more informed decision-making, and better coordination of care among various healthcare providers, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Net Health’s Hospital Acute Care Rehab Therapy Software is designed to handle the high pace and complex needs of acute care hospitals. It includes robust capabilities, real-time clinical decision support, and advanced analytics to enhance patient care, streamline workflow, and improve operational efficiency. 

Net Health offers comprehensive support during the transition process to ReDoc. This includes training for your team, assistance with data migration, and ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation.

Please schedule a demo to learn about how we can go above and beyond to meet the needs of your specific hospital setting.

Yes, ReDoc includes comprehensive billing and revenue cycle management tools. These features, built specifically for the needs of Hospital Outpatient and Acute Care facilities can streamline the billing process, reduce errors, improve claim submission and tracking, and ultimately enhance your hospital outpatient facility’s financial performance.

Yes, ReDoc is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems in your hospital. This ensures smooth data flow, improved efficiency, and better coordination of care across various departments. Net Health offers several rehab therapy software options with integration capabilities, serving as an all in one specialized EMR solution for PTs/OTs/SLPs.

Absolutely. ReDoc includes features designed to automate and streamline administrative tasks. This includes scheduling, billing, and revenue cycle management tools. By reducing the time and effort spent on administrative tasks, physical therapists can focus more on patient care.  Schedule a demo to learn more about ReDoc, Net Health’s EMR for Hospital Rehab Therapy.