Net Health® WoundExpert EHR

The Gold Standard of Wound Care EHRs

Trusted by over 20,000 clinicians and supporting 90% of wound care facilities.

A Wound Care EHR with Unparalleled Workflow Efficiencies & AI-powered Wound Imaging

wound care documentation

Spend Less Time Documenting,
More Time with Patients  

  • Fast track workflows with intuitive wound documentation
  • Regain hours back in your week without adding to staff workload
  • Leverage automation to reduce errors and improve patient outcomes

Maximize Reimbursements and
Ensure Defensible Wound Documentation 

  • Automatic coding for quick comprehensive claim submissions
  • Increase confidence in your wound documentation to quality reporting programs
  • Stay updated on industry trends, regulations, and clinical standards
wound care software
mobile wound imaging

See Real-Time Analysis and
Visualization of Wound Healing 

  • AI-powered advanced wound imaging with automated measurement and analysis
  • Provides accurate, consistent assessments no matter who performs them
  • Drives complete and compliant wound documentation

Gain Valuable, Actionable Insights
with Predictive Analytics  

  • Maximize patient schedules with our Missed Visit Predictor
  • Real-time assessments with the Wound Healing Velocity tool
  • Proactively engage patients with our Amputation Risk tool 
wound care EHR

Easily manage appointments
with WoundExpert EHR Scheduler

  • Our new, innovative Net Health Scheduler is intuitive, fast, and simple
  • Simply click and drag to easily make changes and reschedule
  • Provides quickly accessible information to manage busy schedules


Do More with Wound Care EHR Data  

Time for a quick checkup: is your wound care data positively impacting your wound care clinic or hospital? Find out with these 10 essential questions. 

I have four kids and it’s important to me to have my evenings free to be with them. Net Health WoundExpert EHR saves me at least 10 minutes per chart. I couldn’t do this without that level of efficiency.

Trisha Kernodle, APRN, FNP-C 

WoundExpert EHR is the wound care software solution trusted by more healthcare providers and wound care physicians than any other, offering unparalleled workflow efficiencies and AI-powered wound imaging and analysis for optimal wound care management and superior patient care that wound care providers can rely on. See WoundExpert EHR in action.

Industry-leading Robust Configurability to the Rescue

Integrated clinical, financial and regulatory tools to boost quality, protect patient data and improve clinical outcomes.

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Wound Care EHR

Trusted by more than 25,000 facilities, Net Health’s Wound Care EHR (WoundExpert EHR) is a specialized electronic healthcare record designed to streamline wound care management and wound documentation.

It includes an industry leading wound care EHR system, mobile wound imaging, and comprehensive wound documentation capability. It can significantly enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient outcomes in your wound care private practice or hospital.

Net Health’s WoundExpert EHR is a wound care software solution that excels in documentation. WoundExpert EHR’s documentation system offers clinicians a single source for recording and tracking all relevant wound information while protecting patient data and keeping your ensuring your healthcare organization remains compliant.

Features include customizable templates, automatic coding, visual wound progression tracking, and integrations with wound imaging devices for a holistic view of patient wounds and wound care as a whole.  This is just one of the many reasons the wound care industry relies on WoundExpert EHR as its preferred wound care software..

Yes, WoundExpert EHR is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your wound care practice, hospital or outpatient clinic. We understand that each wound care provider is unique and our industry-leading Wound Care EHR software is designed to support your unique workflow and patient population needs.

Yes, our Wound Care Electronic Health Record solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. This ensures smooth data flow, improved efficiency, and better coordination of wound care.  Our wound care EHR loves to be the star of the show, but also plays nice with others.

WoundExpert EHR allows for real-time, accurate recording, wound documentation and tracking of patient information. It reduces documentation errors, supports informed decision-making, and facilitates the coordination of care among various healthcare providers, leading to improved wound care delivery and patient outcomes.

WoundExpert EHR is designed to help wound care practices and hospital facilities meet regulatory requirements. It features automatic updates to reflect changes in regulations, comprehensive audit trails, and robust reporting capabilities to ensure you remain compliant.