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Improved Patient Outcomes, More Profitable Providers

Improve Outcomes with Evidence-Based Care

  • Accelerate patients’ recovery by making evidence-based care decisions thanks to the industry’s most advanced outcomes measures.
  • Rely on best-in-class treatment progression predictions by the world’s most extensive rehab therapy patient-reported outcome database.
  • Reduce no-shows and self-discharges by showing patient progress and estimated visits to achieve their goals.

Elevate Clinical Performance

  • Benchmark how your clinic and therapists are performing against the national average, using either traditional measures or advanced FOTO measures. 
  • Take control of performance by identifying clinician strengths and tracking their progress. 
  • Keep a pulse on patient satisfaction with real-time Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. 
  • Create a unified workflow by integrating FOTO into your EHR. 

Grow Revenue Leveraging Your Positive Outcomes

  • Meet value-based payment model requirements with data that objectively proves your outcomes
  • Negotiate higher reimbursement rates and gain approval for more visits leveraging data that demonstrates your great results. 
  • Save time and stay compliant with MIPS/QCDR standards with streamlined reporting. 
  • Win new patients by spotlighting your clinic’s positive outcomes. 

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FOTO Patient Outcomes

FOTO, which stands for Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, is a data-centric platform used by healthcare providers to improve the quality of care, increase revenue, enhance patient engagement, and leverage predictive analytics. It allows providers to track and prove the quality of their care to patients, payers, and referral sources using FOTO data, enabling evidence-based care decisions to enhance patient experience. 

FOTO helps improve the quality of healthcare services by providing evidence-based care data that allows providers to prove the quality of their care to patients, payers, and referral sources.

As of 2021, 79% of MIPS submitters who used FOTO for QCDR scored in the Exceptional Performance bonus category. In addition, 100% of MIPS submitters who used FOTO for QCDR received a positive adjustment.

FOTO data can guide clinicians to make better care decisions and enhance patient experience. Furthermore, FOTO’s Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) can minimize the burden on staff and patients by reducing the number of questions compared to competitors or paper surveys. 

FOTO helps providers strengthen reimbursement rates by providing patient outcomes data that can be used to negotiate higher rates with payers and gain approval for more visits. FOTO data can also be used to align the provider’s services with value-based reimbursement models and third-party payer requirements. Providers have reported increased episodic payment after sharing their FOTO data with payers. 

Yes, FOTO can significantly enhance patient engagement. By using FOTO’s outcome measures with risk-adjusted predictions for functional improvement and duration of care, providers can motivate and encourage patients, enhance clinician-patient communication, and set goals so patients are committed to completing their treatment plans. FOTO also offers real-time patient satisfaction surveys to keep a pulse on patient experience.

FOTO also supports providers in marketing their services by enabling them to promote patient-focused, evidence-based care. Providers can prove through FOTO data that their outcomes are top-notch, which can help in attracting more patients. Additionally, providers can monitor their online activity and reputation at a glance and tailor their marketing plan to how their customers are interacting with their business online.

FOTO contributes to better treatment plans and patient outcomes by providing real-time data and dashboards that allow providers to view and understand their patients’ data and predictions for treatment progression at a glance. Providers can adjust the course of treatment as patients progress to help them meet their goals. 

Additionally, FOTO assists in making better-informed decisions by providing an executive dashboard with all of the FOTO data in one place at an executive level. This allows providers to categorize patient and clinical performance based on their Functional Improvement Outcomes, establish better staff utilization, and identify patient satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Improve Patient Outcomes

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