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The ABCs of VBC: Wound Measurement, Healing, and Reimbursement

Leveraging Technology to Reach Your Hospital Wound Care Goals

While value-based care (VBC) may still be in its infancy in wound care, in an era of evolving healthcare paradigms, leveraging innovative solutions is crucial for enhancing patient outcomes and the overall quality of care. How can the right technologies, when implemented by dedicated staff, ensure the achievement of goals and objectives of value-based programs? The latest chapter in our VBC series focuses on the principles and core regulatory requirements of value-based wound care programs. Read it to understand how improving measurements key for hospital value-based programs — such as preventing HAPIs — can be improved through advanced wound care technologies.

“Value-based care will be essential to our survival to stay relevant in our profession and meet payers’ requirements. Without it, we risk being sidelined in decisions that shape our practice.” 

– Shellee Lazar, M.D.

Wound Care’s Role In Long-Term Care Facility Value-Based Care Programs

The road ahead for SNFs and nursing homes isn’t an easy one. Regulatory guidelines are intensive and frequently updated, putting the onus on facilities to keep up with many changes at the federal and state levels. In this chapter, we’ll explore the issues that matter to SNFs and nursing homes — and outline the information and insights they need to survive the ongoing demands of their industry. Read it to learn about key value-based care (VBC) regulations and ways wound care technology can help SNF and nursing home facilities achieve VBC goals.

Value-based programs mark a huge shift in how healthcare providers approach all phases of patient care – from what they do, to when they do it, to how they bill for it. The change is generating questions, debate and more than a little apprehension.

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Value-Based Care in Private Practice and Wound Care

If you’re a private practice wound care provider, you probably have more than a few questions about value-based care (VBC). Big hospitals have teams of experts strategizing how to make VBC work for their organizations. But as a solo or private practice wound care provider, who do you turn to for support? We’re here to help. The latest installment in our value-based care series looks specifically at private practice. We’ll dive deep into the issues that matter to you like the regulations you need to know, how technology can help, and what steps to take today as our healthcare system moves toward reimbursement based on value.

Without the capability to monitor and improve outcomes and accurately document and report on the care you provide, your practice is no better than the one with the worst outcomes. 

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