Leveraging Technology to Reach Your Hospital Wound Care Goals

Table of Contents

  1. VBC: Ready or Not, Here it Comes
  2. The History of VBC: How We Got Here
  3. The Challenges of Today
  4. Role of VBC in Outpatient Programs
  5. From EHRs to AI: The Role of Technology
  6. Considering ROI
  7. A Path Forward for VBC

Think about the terms you hear most often in healthcare. Whether reading a trade magazine, attending a conference, or from internal leadership, chances are the term at the top of your list is “value-based care” (VBC). 

It’s easy to see why – anything that claims to help increase quality and efficiency while lowering costs is akin to the holy grail for our industry. From cost considerations to patient outcomes and fair reimbursement, stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum are looking for ways to leave behind the market-driven fee-for-service models of the past and come up with a workable solution that will deliver on the promises of VBC. 

If there’s a ray of sunshine on the proverbial cloudy horizon, it’s in the ability of today’s innovative technologies to tackle and address the many challenges ahead, from creating necessary efficiencies, to engaging patients to providing essential data-based insights and reports. 

We’ll need all that and more. We still have a lot of obstacles to overcome. There have been few wound-care-specific VBC programs to date and, therefore, not a lot of guidance on best practices. The lack of focus and data leads many of us to ponder how to proceed and, understandably, with lots of questions. 

So, what will building successful VBC programs in hospital-based wound care entail? What are the issues facing in- and outpatient settings? What actions can we take now to unlock the full potential of VBC? And, of course, with many interpretations in the market today, what exactly is VBC? To understand this seismic shift in the healthcare industry and develop the insights to adapt, we must commit to: 

  • Understanding the historical context of VBC 
  • Examining the current VBC landscape 
  • Recognizing and addressing challenges 
  • Embracing innovative technologies like specialty EHRs and AI 
  • Charting the path forward 

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