Employee Health and Occupational Medicine

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Since the onset of the pandemic, many Occupational Medicine (OM) businesses have seen the need to rapidly grow and expand their services. Net Health® Occupational Medicine makes it easier for you to compete and stand out from the pack with in today’s changing environment

The ability to provide proper billing services is one of the strongest aspects of Net Health’s software

Net Health Occupational Medicine Client

Specialized Software For Employee Health & Occupational Medicine

Supporting Hospitals

  • Occupational Medicine Departments serving Hospitals
  • Also serving hospitals that provide services to other businesses

Urgent Care Centers

  • Urgent Care Centers that own an occupational medicine
    business rely on Net Health

Occupational Medicine Clinics

  • Privately owned
  • Part of a Regional Chain
  • Owned by an Urgent Care Center

Retail and Manufacturing Companies

  • With departments that manage employee health
  • Treat on-the-job injuries
  • Administer workplace vaccinations

A 360-Solution to Fuel Your Occupational Health Business

Trusted for 25+ years, Net Health is the essential solution for employee health and occupational medicine.

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