The Most Trusted Software for Wound Care & Rehab Therapy

Built for providers by clinicians, our intuitive specialized Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and analytics technology deliver business efficiencies to reduce claim delays and better engage patients. Achieve improved clinical outcomes from predictive models grounded in 30 years of unmatched deep expertise in specialized data.

Specialized Electronic Health Record Software and Analytics

Our services include specialized electronic health records (EHR software), electronic medical records (EMR), diagnostic and predictive analytics, patient engagement solutions, and EHR integrations. Strengthen your rehab therapy business and improve patient care with the leader in Rehab Therapy EHR Software. Lower risk and improve patient outcomes by harnessing the power of AI-enabled mobile wound imaging and analytics and the #1 wound care EHR software.

Rehab Therapy

Specialized rehab therapy electronic health record software to make life easier across the continuum of care.

Wound Care

Industry-leading wound care EHR software and mobile wound imaging analytics used from hospital to home.

Post-Acute Analytics

Innovative analytics for skilled nursing. Leverage data to improve clinical performance.

Occupational Health

Trusted for 25+ years as the essential EHR solution for employee health and occupational medicine.

A 360 Solution to Fuel Your Wound Care or Rehab Therapy Business

Trusted by 25,000 Healthcare Organizations for Over 30 Years

Trusted by


Million Medical Records

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In 30 years working with top healthcare leaders Net Health has:

  • Fueled success for over 25,000 organizations
  • Enhanced the lives of over 20 million patients
  • Achieved results for over 105 million rehab therapy records
  • Delivered results for nearly 100 million wound assessments
  • Supported over 20 billion in annual revenue

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Net Health

Net Health is a healthcare technology (health tech) company that provides specialized Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and analytic solutions that enable healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes and financial performance. We serve rehab therapy and wound care providers at more than 25,000 facilities and are trusted by 96% of the top healthcare systems. 

Our electronic health record and analytics software services include electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), Hospital Information System (HIS) Integrations, and healthcare analytics.  Net Health has over 30 years of experience and uses our legacy and earned trust to continue being a technology partner in the restorative care space.

Net Health’s specialized electronic health record (EHR) systems allows healthcare providers in the wound care and rehab therapy spaces to streamline documentation, staff efficiently, secure reimbursements, and maintain regulatory compliance. Our Specialized EHRs include built-in business intelligence and analytics that enable providers to keep patients engaged, market themselves, predict outcomes and make informed decisions. It enhances coordination of care, reduces errors and enables growth. 

Net Health is not only an EHR company, we are a technology partner. Our mission is to harness healthcare data for human health. We design predictive, actionable operational and clinical analytics to leverage the data in our specialty EHRs, providing insights that help healthcare industry providers improve decision-making and patient outcomes.

Healthcare providers can use Net Health’s analytics software with or without an EHR. Our analytics tools integrate seamlessly into various EHR systems, but also be used as a standalone product, playing well with others, but also alone. Net Health Analytics can be used in Hospitals, medical practices, private practice clinics and Clinics, Outpatient Rehabs, in the home or by a traveling physician. Learn more about Net Health’s Analytics by scheduling a demo. We have former healthcare providers who are experts in their respective areas and would love to determine how Net Health can help you.

Net Health’s healthcare software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems in your healthcare organization. This includes EHRs (Electronic Health Record), EHR integrations, hospital information systems, and predictive analytics software, ensuring smooth data flow and improved efficiency. You can use our EHR systems alone, or as an integration with another EMR.  The same applies for our predictive, clinical and operational analytics tools – they can be used with or without an EHR or EMR software.

Net Health’s offers solutions for EHR Software, EMR Software and healthcare analytics. You can visit the following pages to learn more about: rehab therapy software solutions, wound care software solutions, and advanced analytics for value based care in post-acute facilities.

As a healthcare software company Net Health offers specialized electronic health record software that can enhance or replace your existing EHR or Electronic Medical Record (EMR). You can learn more about Net Health and if we’re a good fit for a partnership by speaking to a solution specialist.