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Harnessing data for human health  

Our specialized healthcare analytics software distills EHR data into predictive, actionable insights embedded into your workflow, so you can exceed every benchmark.

Net Health is trusted by over 20,000 practices for 25 years.

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How Predictive Analytics is Revolutionizing Healthcare

The Expanding Role of Artificial Intelligence for Clinical and Operational Decision-Making

Our EHR software and predictive, actionable analytics serve medical specialties, including:

Built for big decisions.

Net Health is not only an EHR company. Our mission is to harness data for human health. We design predictive, actionable operational and clinical analytics to leverage the data in our specialty EHRs to provide insights that help healthcare providers improve decision-making and patient outcomes.

Our clinical analytics solutions are designed to support revenue optimization, expense optimization, patient safety, and care quality.

By 2023…


of healthcare delivery organizations will invest in an AI capability.


of all patient interactions will involve some form of AI enablement 


Gartner, Gartner Says 50% of U.S. Healthcare Providers Will Invest in RPA in the Next Three Years, May 21, 2020

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Insight: EMR vs EHR – What is the difference?”

Why choose Net Health as your analytics partner?

Our analytics process includes:

  • A full understanding of your organization’s business needs
  • The ability to improve the quality of the data captured by tailoring the EHR to your organization
  • Development of large detailed and secure data sets that ensure accurate and relevant predictive analytics
  • An analytic process that provides significant value compared to other published analytics for healthcare

Choose the right healthcare data analytics partner by asking the right questions. Is data analytics a core competency? Is there deep domain expertise in data science? Do you have capabilities beyond transactional and episodic reporting?

Source, LeadingAge CAST case study, “Improving Health Outcomes, Resident Experience and Quality through Data Analytics

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Harnessing data for human health.