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Net Health is trusted by over 20,000 practices for 25 years and supporting $20 billion of revenue annually.

A Physical Therapy EMR Built by Therapists, for Therapists

Eliminate Compliance Threats 

  • Document initial defensible evaluations in just 6 minutes with templates and shortcuts
  • Protect your revenue and be audit-ready with guardrails that ensure defensible documentation
  • Prevent denials with automated tools that apply modifiers, time, and units to therapy services and ensure claims comply with local payor rules
  • See how Net Health Therapy for Clinics can eliminate compliance threats

Fuel Your Revenue Cycle 

Stay in Control with Business-Critical Insights

  • Grow profits by making data-informed decisions on your payor and services mix
  • Deliver better care with information on treatment effectiveness and predicted outcomes
  • Focus on what matters with productivity work-lists and workflow automation
  • Run your business efficiently with intelligent insights delivered your way
  • Explore how Net Health Therapy for Clinics can revolutionize workflows

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Ramp Up Rehab Therapy Referrals  

Take your clinic to the next level. Learn how to enhance your visibility as a referral partner and directly connect to referral sources. 

Safeguard compliance, maximize reimbursements, and deliver better care with our scalable rehab therapy EMR software, powered by a proprietary Intelligent Coding Engine and unparalleled automation. 


Therapy for Clinics

Our Physical Therapy software is designed to help you manage your therapy business by simplifying clinical documentation, streamlining administrative tasks, and enhancing patient engagement. It also integrates with EHR and outcomes management systems, providing a comprehensive solution for physical therapy practices and hospitals. 

Net Health’s Physical Therapy EMR system enables therapists to document patient visits efficiently giving them more time with patients. It supports coordinated care, reduces the risk of errors, and allows for better patient engagement, all of which contribute to improved patient care. 

Our outcomes management tools allow rehab therapists to set realistic goals for patients at the start of care, predict the number of visits needed and show patient progress to keep them engaged in their treatment. Therapy businesses can also identify areas to improve and benchmark patient outcomes against national peers. This helps identify effective treatment strategies, inform adjustments to individual care plans, and support evidence-based practice. 

Yes, Net Health’s solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems in your practice. This ensures smooth data flow, improved efficiency, and better coordination of care. 

Our software includes comprehensive billing and revenue cycle management tools. These can streamline the billing process, reduce errors, improve claim submission and tracking, secure reimbursements and enhance your practice’s financial performance. 

 Net Health is your partner for the long haul. Designed by therapists, for therapists, Net Health offers implementation and training support with onsite and remote training options and online communities for FAQs, ideas and best practices exchanges. Net Health ensures smooth and efficient implementation with minimal disruption to your operations. Schedule a demo to learn more about Net Health can support you as you transition to Therapy for Clinics.

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