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Navigating Front Desk Challenges: Transforming Chaos into Calm in Your Practice Join us for an insightful webinar for private practice physical therapy owners seeking to revolutionize their front desk operations. In this session, we will delve into the critical aspect of front desk turnover and the transition towards a more patient-centric approach. We'll explore the pain points associated with staffing and provide actionable strategies to enhance efficiency and elevate patient satisfaction.

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May 23, 202412:30pm EDT1 hour
ALF: A New Frontier for Diversifying Your Private Practice Therapy Revenue Milk and cookies. Summer and sunshine. Cats and the internet. Seniors and physical therapy.
Some things just fit together perfectly. Yet in the case of seniors and physical therapy – more specifically, private practice rehab therapy clinics and their local senior living communities – few are taking advantage of the potential that exists from mixing the two.
At a time when private practice rehab therapists are continually searching for ways to diversify programs, revenue and referral sources, senior living communities (such as assisted living facilities, or ALFs) represent a “new frontier” for the delivery of therapy – a hotbed for patients and administrators with a continual need for the services you offer.
Just how great is the potential in creating mutually beneficial partnerships with senior and assisted living facilities in your service area? What might such a partnership look like? What models might you use to address the needs of ALF residents and administrators? Do needs require specialized training or payer/billing considerations? How do such relationships start, and what’s in it for each organization? Presenters will answer these and other questions about how to capitalize on the largely untapped potential of ALF partnerships.
Attendees will be able to:
Understand how to compellingly approach administrators to begin productive discussions about partnership possibilities.
Identify worthwhile partnership opportunities with senior living/ALFs in their service areas while building internal service plans that jive with the goals of the practice.
Understand what ALF administrators are looking for benefits-wise when to consider a rehab therapy partner.
Constructively approach and connect with senior living leaders to form a mutually beneficial partnership.
Learn why this segment presents an opportunity to grow and expand the clinic and its revenue.

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Jun 4, 202412:00pm EDT1 hour
From Paper to Precision: Enhancing Practice Performance with Digital Wound Measurement Revolutionize Your Wound Care: From Paper to Precision with Digital Measurement

Take the guesswork out of wound care!

Join this informative Net Health webinar and discover how digital wound measurement can transform your practice. Learn how inaccurate measurements can hinder treatment plans and explore the benefits of using advanced technologies for precise and consistent wound assessment. We'll introduce you to Net Health Tissue Analytics, a powerful solution designed to streamline your workflow, improve data accuracy, and enhance patient care. Gain valuable insights from industry experts and unlock the full potential of digital wound measurement in your practice. Register today and elevate your wound care to a new level of precision!

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Jun 6, 202412:30pm EDT1 hour
2025 Proposed SNF CMS Rule The Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Proposed Rule is filled with a number of proposals for payment updates, changes to regulatory enforcement policies via civil money penalties (CMPs), as well as updates to the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). In addition, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed further policy updates to the SNF Quality Reporting Program (QRP) to include a data validation requirement. As usual, providers are anticipating the potential for significant impacts if the proposed updates are finalized.

This webinar will discuss the key takeaways from the Proposed Rule and discuss a number of areas important to SNF providers and their suppliers. Topics will include the market basket update, wage index adjustments, ICD-10 code mapping updates, as well as updates to CMP policy and the SNF QRP.

About the speaker: Jennifer Gross, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA has over 25 years of experience in the Long-Term and Post-Acute Care field, including work as a staff nurse, MDS coordinator, and as a consultant. She has extensive knowledge of MDS coding guidelines and best practices, nursing facility case mix and reimbursement, quality metrics and data sets, and CMS regulations. At Net Health and PointRight, she specializes in helping providers achieve high quality outcomes through data-driven, meaningful, and actionable information. She is certified as a RAC-CT and a RAC-CTA by the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing.

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Jun 12, 20241:00pm EDT1 hour
Conquer ClinDoc Chaos & Boost Revenue: Intelligent Coding & Streamlined Workflows Join us for an empowering webinar tailored for private practice physical therapists striving to conquer their documentation challenges. We'll navigate the complexities of documentation burden in private practices, unveiling practical solutions for streamlined workflows. Discover insider insights on the documentation woes faced by physical therapists, along with actionable strategies to reduce charting time and enhance compliance. We'll also share tips for leveraging data-driven decision-making to boost practice efficiency. Bid farewell to documentation headaches and hello to simplified processes! Secure your spot now.

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Jun 13, 20241:00pm EDT1 hour
Scaling Up Without the Struggle: Mastering Workflows for PT Practice Growth Feeling the pressure to grow your PT practice but worried about maintaining efficiency during expansion? This FREE webinar is for you! Join us and discover powerful strategies to streamline workflows as you add new patients, staff, locations, or services. Learn how to onboard new team members seamlessly, integrate new service lines effortlessly, and scale your practice smoothly without sacrificing patient care.Jun 18, 20241:00pm EDT1 hour
Opening Session | Unveiling the Path: Navigating Value-Based Care - An Introduction Welcome to Net Health's exclusive virtual event: VBC Fast Track: A 360 View to Success. Today, we delve into the transformative realm of value-based care (VBC), a paradigm shifting approach aimed at enhancing healthcare quality, provider performance, and patient experience. As we embark on this journey, let's explore what value-based care truly entails. Value-based care, often championed by Medicare and healthcare professionals, embodies a patient-centric philosophy. It emphasizes holistic care management, tailored to individual health goals and preferences. Through collaborative efforts, healthcare providers streamline services, minimizing clinic visits, averting emergency situations, and optimizing patient outcomes. Throughout the day, we will unravel the intricacies of value-based care, examining its impact on patients, providers, and healthcare systems at large. Together, let's gain deeper insights into this evolving landscape and unlock pathways to success in value-based care delivery. Aug 1, 202411:00am EDT1 hour
Therapy Session | Value-Based Care in Therapy: Enhancing Patient Outcomes In this session, we'll explore how value-based care principles are being implemented in the therapy industry. From improving patient experiences to optimizing treatment approaches, we'll discuss the practical implications of adopting value-based care models in therapy practices. Join us to learn how these strategies are transforming the landscape of therapy and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. Aug 1, 202412:00pm EDT1 hour
WoundCare Session | Healing with Value: Exploring Value-Based Care in Wound Management In this session, we delve into the symbiotic relationship between value-based care and wound management. Join us as we uncover how value-based care principles are revolutionizing the approach to wound care, optimizing treatment strategies, and prioritizing patient-centric outcomes. This session offers practical insights into leveraging value-based care methodologies to elevate the standard of wound management and improve patient well-being.Aug 1, 20241:00pm EDT1 hour
PointRight Session | Elevating Care: Value-Based Approaches in Post-Acute Care In this session, we'll explore how value-based care principles are transforming the landscape of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in the post-acute care setting. From enhancing care coordination to improving patient outcomes, we'll delve into the practical applications of value-based care within these vital healthcare environments. Join us as we uncover strategies for optimizing care delivery, promoting patient-centered practices, and navigating the complexities of value-based reimbursement models in senior nursing and assisted living facilities. Discover how embracing value-based approaches can lead to improved quality of care and enhanced resident satisfaction. Aug 1, 20242:00pm EDT1 hour
Closing Session | Towards a Transformative Future: Reflecting on Value-Based Care As we wrap up our virtual webinar day, we've explored the transformative potential of value-based care. From its emphasis on coordinated care to its role in advancing health equity, we've seen how it treats patients as whole individuals, beyond their medical needs. Before we conclude, we invite attendees to share any remaining questions or thoughts on value-based care and its implementation. Our expert panel is here to provide further insights and address your inquiries. Let's remain committed to the principles of value-based care, ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare for all. Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey towards a brighter future in healthcare. Aug 1, 20243:00pm EDT1 hour
Navigating Regulatory Waters: Compliance, Reporting, and Advanced Techniques in Wound Care Confidently Integrate Cellular Therapies: Mastering Compliance & Reporting for Wound Care

Embrace the future of wound care with confidence! This Net Health webinar equips you with the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape of Cellular Tissue-Based Products (CTP). Gain in-depth insights into FDA regulations, reimbursement strategies, and best practices for CTP compliance and reporting. Learn how to build a seamless workflow for CTP integration while maximizing efficiency and profitability. Get your questions answered by a compliance expert and ensure your practice is well-equipped to deliver advanced wound care with confidence. Register today and unlock the full potential of CTPs in your wound care services!

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Aug 8, 202412:30pm EDT1 hour