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Evidence-based, predictive software. Built to optimize business growth.

Net Health’s wound care software is built by healthcare technology experts with deep domain experience.

The difference is the design: a foundation of high-quality, differentiated wound data informs organizational insights and powers predictive analytics. The result is a wound care solution that improves patient outcomes, streamlines operations, and optimizes ROI.  

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Specialized EHR Software & Analytics for Wound Care

Accelerate Business Growth

  • Protect your organization from clawbacks and penalties with defensible documentation in every workflow.  
  • Identify opportunities to increase ROI through powerful operational analytics.
  • Increase billable visits for each nurse every month; prevent lost revenue from compliance issues, claim denials, and missed visits.

Improve Patient Outcomes 

  • Optimize assessments by using precise wound measurement and predictive clinical analytics to inform decision-making. 
  • Engage more effectively with wound care patients by creating a timely and accurate picture of their predicted outcomes.
  • Provide a clear and objective measure of healing through enhanced identification, prevention, and management of care.

Optimize Staff and Clinical Operations 

  • Save time on administrative tasks by limiting wound care EHR data entry and improving documentation efficiency.  
  • Spend more time on patient care and less time on needless EHR record keeping. 
  • Retain staff by streamlining documentation, reducing manual work during patient evaluations, and simplifying workflows.

Net Health Patient Engagement Suite

Attract and retain patients by combining digital marketing with personalized patient communications.

  • Personalize Patient Communications
  • Streamline Patient Engagement
  • Automate online review capture, promotion and moderation.

Wound Care Software Solutions

Wound Care EHR

  • Trusted by over 20,000 clinicians
  • In 9 out of 10 wound care centers using a wound specific EHR
  • Reduce steps in the assessment workflow by 35%
  • Built on a database of over 100 million wound assessments 

Tissue Analytics

  • Reduce measurement error rate by 90%
  • Evaluate wounds in under five minutes
  • Reduce costly pressure injuries by 83%

A 360-Solution to Fuel Your Wound Care Team


Benefits for Everyone on Your Team

Chief Executive

Protect your bottom line from compliance and capacity risks.

Scheduling Staff

Save time managing patients and clinician workload. 

Wound Care Director

Stay in control with actionable insights, improved productivity and clinical outcomes.


Reduce time spent on documentation and focus on what you love.

Trusted by over 20,000 facilities for 30 years, Net Health is an essential partner to 98% of the largest hospital systems in the US. 


Million Medical Records


Wound Images



of Revenue Annually



Trusted by more than 23,000 facilities, Net Health’s Wound Care Software is a specialized solution designed to streamline wound care management. It includes a wound care EMR system, mobile wound imaging, and comprehensive wound documentation capabilities. It can significantly enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient outcomes in your wound care practice.

Our first of its kind wound care application, Tissue Analytics, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide wound care providers with a diagnostic tool that accurately measures wound and improves patient outcomes. You can learn more about Tissue Analytics here.

Our wound care EHR software allows for real-time, accurate recording and tracking of patient information. It reduces documentation errors, supports informed decision-making, and facilitates the coordination of care among various healthcare providers, leading to improved wound care delivery.

You can learn more about Net Health’s industry-leading Wound Care EHR platform here.

Net Health’s wound documentation system offers a comprehensive solution for recording and tracking all relevant wound care information. Features include customizable templates, automatic coding, visual wound progression tracking, and integrations with imaging devices for a holistic view of patient care.

Net Health’s mobile wound imaging allows for convenient and accurate capturing of wound images. These images can be directly integrated into the patient’s electronic medical record, providing a visual representation of the wound’s progression over time. This aids in tracking healing progress and adjusting treatment plans as necessary.

Furthermore, Tissue Analytics takes wound imagine a step further, consistently and accurately capturing wound measurements and reducing wound measurements from 15 or more steps, to only 5. Tissue Analytics also provides diagnosticians and clinicians with circumferential wound measurements, which saves time and improves accuracy.

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