Net Health® Tissue Analytics

The Essential Wound Imaging Solution for Consistently Accurate Wound Assessments 

Maximize wound healing & minimize risks with the power
of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobile wound imaging.

Trusted by top healthcare leaders in 25,000 facilities everyday and 98% of the largest health systems in the U.S. 


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The AI-Powered Platform Revolutionizing Wound Care

Tissue Analytics

Ensure Accurate and Consistent
Wound Assessments 

  • Improve accuracy by 90% compared to ruler-based measuring
  • Ensure less variability and subjectivity when performing assessments 
  • Gain valuable insights with real-time analysis and wound visualization

Spend Less Time Documenting,
More Time with Patients   

  • Reduce evaluations from 15-20 steps to 5 steps in under 5 minutes  
  • Regain hours in your work week without adding workload to staff
  • Advanced 3D mobile wound imaging
Wound Analytics

Prevent Pressure Injuries and Predict Deterioration 

  • Reduce pressure injuries by 83% 
  • Predict wound deterioration and duration
  • Lower risk of costly hospital-acquired pressure injuries

Enhance Clinical & Operational Performance

  • Actionable insights with powerful data collection and reporting tools
  • Quality-check performance with at-a-glance dashboards
  • Increase confidence in your claims with efficient coding and billing
Wound Care Analytics

The FDA has granted Breakthrough Device status to Tissue Analytics, recognizing the unique value that the application provides to wound care and the potential for further innovation in the future. 

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Change the Way You Measure, Analyze and Treat Patients

With end-to-end interfaces with all major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Tissue Analytics is a must-have integration. Schedule a demo today.

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Tissue Analytics

Net Health Tissue Analytics helps reduce pressure injury treatment costs by enabling healthcare practitioners to measure wounds systematically and accurately, leading to better patient management.

It can significantly reduce the rate of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs), which affect about 2.5 million patients (about twice the population of Hawaii) annually at a cost of almost $12 billion (about $37 per person in the US). 

Tissue Analytics provides wound analytics that ultimately save hospitals from unnecessary HAPIs.

Net Health Tissue Analytics uses machine learning and computer vision to autonomously segment, classify, and measure wounds. The techniques used standardized lighting, distance, and camera angle, ensuring accurate and consistent wound assessments. 

Net Health Tissue Analytics is an industry-leading pressure injury surveillance application that simplifies and streamlines wound documentation workflows. It uses state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision algorithms to enable non-specialists to measure wounds in a systematic manner, helping healthcare practitioners manage wound patients more effectively. Tissue Analytics eliminates human error in capturing wound measurements, where even the slightest deviation when using a ruler can be determinants to healing and patient outcomes. 

The platform enables wound measurements with less than a 5% error rate, providing more accuracy than ever before, and more than when using a ruler. Tissue Analytics was awarded FDA Breakthrough Designation and is recognized internationally as an innovative and revolutionary tool for wound management, in part due to its wound measurement accuracy and predictive analytics capabilities. 

Net Health’s Tissue Analytics improves the workflow of clinicians by simplifying and streamlining the wound documentation process and returning wound care analytics that prevent errors. It repairs broken workflows in current EHR systems, freeing up more time for clinicians to spend with patients.  It also integrates with Net Health’s Wound Care EHR Wound Expert.

Yes, the platform instantly records the percentage and area of tissues present in the wound bed. It does so for any wound, with precision and accuracy. Tissue Analytics eliminates the chance of human error, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure wound data accuracy.