Value-Based Care Solutions for Skilled Nursing (Formerly PointRight)

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Clients see an average increase of


in Medicare Part A per diem rate

Improve quality outcomes and succeed in value-based care with powerful insights to identify resident risk, determine care planning priorities, and manage facility performance from Net Health’s Value-Based Care Solutions for Skilled Nursing. 

The Insights Needed to Successfully Manage Skilled Nursing

Increase Compliant Reimbursements

  • Get reimbursed by accurately capturing complete and consistent clinical data
  • Maintain cash flow by avoiding reimbursement delays due to coding inconsistencies
  • Understand factors impacting your Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement rates

Users see an annual increase of as much as $300K in PDPM per diem .

Decrease Readmissions and Hospitalizations 

  • Safely transition residents to the next level of care with appropriate discharge planning 
  • Identify residents nearing end-of-life to safely transition to palliative care 
  • Prevent readmissions by understanding what drives them

SNFs in Cambridge, MA achieved a 25% reduction in 30-day readmissions.

Improve Quality Measures and Facility Rating

  • Increase referrals by understanding how to improve your Five-Star rating
  • Prevent adverse events by planning individualized care interventions, identifying specific resident-level risk factors 
  • Improve facility performance with insights at all levels, from enterprise to individual residents

Sierra Health Care increased its average rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Use Staff Resources More Efficiently

  • Eliminate rework with a proactive process that fits into existing workflows
  • Prioritize staff resources by understanding how staffing impacts outcomes
  • Determine better care plans with the connections and patterns that advanced AI finds in complex clinical data

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Value-Based Care Solutions for Skilled Nursing

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Value-Based Care Solutions for Skilled Nursing (Formerly PointRight)

Advanced analytics provide comprehensive insights into past and current performance by highlighting reasons for certain outcomes and providing clear direction for future steps. This process helps organizations improve post-acute patient care and facility outcomes. 

Post-acute analytics assist in identifying risk factors and predicting potential issues that might lead to hospital readmissions and adverse events. This enables healthcare providers to implement preventive measures and improve patient outcomes. 

ACOs and Health Plans use Value-Based Care Solutions (formerly PointRight) predictive analytics to manage care transitions, optimize population health, and improve the total cost of care and quality. This helps in efficient resource allocation and better patient care. 

Value-Based Care Solutions for Skilled Nursing provides a deeper perspective to the metrics, offering a time-saving tool that allows facilities to drill down to the resident level from a single dashboard. This granular level of detail supports improved patient care and outcomes. 

Post-acute analytics refers to the use of data-driven insights in the post-acute care setting to improve clinical outcomes, enhance revenue, and ensure compliance. Providers and payers use these advanced analytics provided by Value-Based Care Solutions for Skilled Nursing (formerly PointRight) to inform their clinical and operational decision-making and succeed in value-based care.