Wound Care’s Role in Long-Term Care Facility VBC Programs 

Table of Contents

  1. Pressure Injuries and Value-Based Care
  2. VBC Programs that Apply to Nursing Facilities
  3. Technology is the Bridge to Effective VBC
  4. Beyond Wound Care Tech
  5. Ready, Set, Put Your Wound Care Program on Go

As the healthcare industry escalates its transition to value-based care (VBC) and its many emerging flavors, one setting leading the pack are nursing facilities caring for older people and those with chronic and severe illnesse. In this chapter of Net Health’s Value-Based Care series, we’ll delve into crucial areas for nursing facilities in their quest to embrace new models of care and reimbursement, including. 

  • The impact of chronic wounds, specifically pressure injuries (PIs)  
  • The types of value-based programs of most interest  
  • The role of specialized analytic solutions and wound care technologies 
  • Some steps to consider as you move forward toward adopting or expanding your quality and value programs 

The Many Flavors of VBC

Value-based programs mark a huge shift in how healthcare providers approach all phases of patient care – from what they do, to when they do it, to how they bill for it.  The change is generating questions, debate and more than a little apprehension. CMS states that, “VBC was created to focus on quality of care, provider performance and the patient experience.” The primary goal is to promote CMS’ three-part aim: 1) better health for individuals; 2) better health for populations; and 3) lower costs. While there are specific VBC models created by CMS, there are also a number of alternative value and quality programs it also supports. For example, accountable care organizations (ACOs), pay-for-performance, bundled payments, or patient-centered medical homes were also created to achieve value-based care goals. Nursing facilities may also participate in one or more of these programs. For more information, visit the CMS Value-Based Care Site here.  

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