Hawaii Pacific Health/Straub Medical Center

Net Health’s expert coaches helped Straub Occ Health master workflows, manage protocols, and unify patient service representatives (PSR).

Hawaii Pacific Health/Straub Medical Center, in Honolulu, went live on Agility, but due to very relatable reasons (leadership changes, staff turn over, process reviews, and more), they never fully launched its use.

Knowing they still had a lot of room to increase software utilization, they engaged Eddie Stahl and Net Health’s 360 Professional Services for Workflow Analysis, Optimization, and expert coaching.

Hear the story from Elisa Chong, PA-C, who’s one of three providers at her facility. She’ll explain the red flags/pain points that made them realize they needed help and then take you through to the process to share their results. The team at Straub Occupational Health is fully engaged with processes that they all buy into, thanks to this experience.

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