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3 Free But Forgotten Marketing Channels for Physical Therapy Businesses

Most physical therapy clinics know that marketing is an essential business operation. But the cost of marketing activities is enough to make even seasoned marketers groan, especially when returns may not be immediately obvious.

While marketing costs are often unavoidable, there are plenty of opportunities to market your business for free that often get overlooked. The key is to look at your existing communication channels as opportunities to market your business and brand. Once you see all your communication channels through this lens, you’ll likely discover even more free marketing opportunities.

Let’s take a look at a few common communication channels that you can use as marketing opportunities right now.

Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Phone Automation

A common frustration among consumers is the need to spend an inordinate amount of time waiting to talk to a human when calling a place of business. Though our society has accepted phone automation as a common practice, the prevalence of automated attendants and prolonged voicemail greetings can wear thin even the most patient of customers.

Look at your automated voice greeting as an opportunity to reflect your brand. For instance, as a physical therapist clinic, you want to exemplify traits of kindness, helpfulness, and efficiency in your brand. This means using a pleasant tone and considering the amount of time required of the caller in order to navigate your system. If it’s difficult for a client to navigate your phone system, imagine what they’ll think of your service.

Simple voice greetings should be kept to a few seconds or less and automated attendants should be used sparingly, especially within small practices. While not always possible, having a human answer the phone can make all the difference. This is especially true in demonstrating a commitment to customer service. When people have questions, they want to speak to a human being, not a robot.

If you’re unsure if your phone system warrants an automation makeover, give your practice a call yourself and really consider the tone and length of your message. See if your frustration threshold would be reached if you needed to speak with a person.

Free Real Estate: Your Email Signature Line

Another easy way to advertise your business is your email signature line. The signature line is infinitely customizable, and can include everything from a professional closing, to title and credentials, contact information, and even promotional content.

Every physical therapy practice should employ the use of a professional signature line across all employees utilizing company email, and in a manner consistent across the entire team.

The following is a simple and professional email signature, and can be used as a starting point for any practice. Consider including discounts, promotions, upcoming event/conference information, or anything else that could pique interest.


[Email content]

Warm Regards,

Tannus Quatre PT, MBA
Physical Therapist | Private Practice Consultant

Net Health
Reuniting Caregivers with Their Calling


Tagline, You’re It

Even if you haven’t studied marketing, you’re guaranteed to have run into taglines because they’re so ubiquitous in the world around us. You may have even noticed the business tagline in the last line of the above email signature.

Examples are easy to spot:

  • “I’m Loving It.” – McDonald’s
  • “More Saving. More doing.” – Home Depot
  • “Reuniting Caregivers with Their Calling” – Net Health

Often a sibling to the mission statement, a good tagline is short and sweet, and understandable by your company and your customers. It should be a rallying cry used internally, and can be used to base most, if not all, marketing campaigns launched by your company. And that’s the beauty of taglines. You can use them as your personalized stamp in all your marketing and communication channels to distinguish your business from the competition.

Here are a few more examples, specific to the physical therapy industry, for inspiration as you develop your own tagline.

  • PhysioCare Physical Therapy | It’s Your Life. Live It.
  • Apex Physical Therapy | Improving Lives Through Movement
  • Alpine Physical Therapy | Experience Every Day
  • SOL Physical Therapy | When Every Second Counts

Marketing is a critical business function, and you don’t always have to spend big money to make a big impact. Your email signature, phone messaging, and tagline are easy ways to connect your brand across your communication platforms and further promote your business.

If you are unsure how your marketing efforts are making an impact on your physical therapy business, we’d be happy to assess your current situation and provide cost-effective guidance for future growth. Give us a call today.

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