May 6, 2019 | Net Health

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[VIDEO] What’s a Lax-n-Learn? It’s awesome and Agility clients will love it.

Advanced Agility Strategies from Net Health

A successful relationship between the Agility software and our clients is important to us, as are the benefits that bare from its use. We want to assure clients that when they boot-up Agility, they have the best software on the market to meet their occupational medicine and employee health needs. Driving success using Agility was the motivation behind creating our first-ever Agility Client Summit on September 15th in Phoenix, AZ. Those in attendance can expect shared keynotes, success stories, networking, but most importantly, two educational tracks: Agility Fundamentals and Advanced Agility Strategies.

Back to the question at hand, what’s a lax-n-learn? A chance to earn CEUs and learn something that enhances your job performance while you relax in a luxurious resort setting–blissfully away from the office.

If you’re a newbie or veteran, either educational track will lead to the advancement of your Agility mastery!

Not only will you take in useful, game-changing knowledge, but there’s also the opportunity to kick your feet up and relax while you do.  The Agility Summit is being held at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore, which hosts high-end restaurants, spa services, golf, and more.

We get it, you may need some help convincing your boss to send you (and your team!) to Arizona. But NOW is the time to start planning and organizing.  We have a couple of tools for you to use at your disposal to help nudge your boss.

First, we have a mad libs-style, interactive convince your boss letter template for you to download.  It’s full of persuasive and convincing points and contains an easy-to-use cost projection table to estimate the cost of the trip.  We did most of the writing, all you’ll need to do is enter in some basic information.

Maybe your boss responds better to video persuasion? We have one of those too!

Check out the short video below, where we break down all that’s in store for you on September 15th at our Agility Client Summit.

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Hey! Yeah, you. And you. No, you. Yeah, you. All you guys. Both of you. By the looks of things, the two of you could use a little break, and I’ve got the perfect thing for you. How does beefing up your knowledge of Agility while kicking your feet up at a luxurious resort sound? We thought you’d like it.

Welcome to the Biltmore, your lax-and-learn destination Net Health is hosting its first ever Agility client summit on September 15th. You’ll get a chance to expand your knowledge of Agility through two education sessions designed for newbies and virtuosos. Hands-on training from Agility pros, rubbing elbows with industry peers, and much more. By the end of the day, you’ll be your office’s resident black belt of Agility. Not literally, guys.

But what about the lax part, right? All of this will take place at the opulent Arizona Biltmore Resort. Take in the fresh air and gorgeous sites as you enjoy a round or two of golf, spa treatments, an extravagant pool to dip your feet in and some delicious high-end cuisine. What are you waiting for? Start planning today, and we’ll see you at the Biltmore.

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