June 3, 2019 | Net Health

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(Drumroll) Introducing Dr. Michelle Collie, keynote speaker at COS ’19!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which is okay if that’s your thing), you may not know that the 19th annual Clinical Outcomes Summit (COS) is right around the corner. Well, October 23rd isn’t exactly around the corner, but hey, we’re already almost HALFWAY through 2019, so it isn’t as far away as it seems.  Our bags aren’t packed just yet but we’re anticipating the Summit and all the Outcomes-focused goodness it has in store.  One of the highlights of COS are the keynote speakers.  The keynote speakers have rock star status at these Summits, as they bring a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experiences that inspire and motivate.

We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic keynote speaker has been locked in for COS: Dr. Michelle Collie, DPT, MS, OCS.

Brought to our attention by the wonderful Karen Litzy,  New Zealander Dr. Michelle Collie is the CEO of Performance Physical Therapy and she has decades of physical therapy expertise to share. Under Dr. Collie’s direction, Performance Physical Therapy has expanded in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and has made educating and empowering their surrounding community a priority. With so many years in the rehab industry, hearing her story, point of view on all things physical therapy and outcomes, promises to be a keynote session not to miss.          

Stay tuned as we announce more keynote speakers.  

Learn more about Dr. Collins before COS by reading her interesting biography and a recent article she wrote about the word-of-mouth marketing!      

Not registered for the Clinical Outcomes Summit yet?  Click the link for details on the agenda, speakers, and more!

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