January 1, 2018 | Patrick Colletti

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Fresh brewed coffee and a roadmap to re-thinking the future.

I really like coffeehouses.

It’s easy to smile when I discover those clever little signs baristas tape to the tip jar.

  • “tips welcome”

  • “change is good” or my favorite…

  • “do you fear change…if so, leave it here!”

At this time of year, many of us spend time dreaming up and implementing change. Things to start, things to stop, and perhaps a few big ideas to run after. At Net Health, we focus on growth (A proxy for change, right?) personally, professionally, and in our communities.

For you, perhaps a fresh look at the operation of your healthcare facility or practice is what’s on your mind. Whether it’s a budget cycle or the start of a new year, reflecting on what we aspire to become is probably on all of our calendars.

Framing this conversation is easier than you may imagine. I’ve used a simple inventory my dad shared with me years ago that poses three questions to stimulate thinking. Last year, I walked through this exercise with more than 100 of our Net Health teammates in client-facing roles.

  1. What is in my life, that I want to keep in? (ex: early morning coffee with my wife)

  2. What is in my life, that I want to move out? (ex: simple sugar)

  3. What is out of my life, that I want in? (ex: time for personal reading)

Sometimes I will exchange the subject “life” with family life, professional life, or for a deeper philosophical dive, consider replacing “my life” with “the world….”

Why not give it a try?

For those of you more interested in professional ideas, here’s a little something to get you started:

Our 360 Professional Services team leaders understand your industry so well that they can advise targeted changes that will make a difference in the performance of your staff, your facility, and ultimately patient outcomes. If they were baristas, they’d be the ones that pull the best shots and make that cool latte art.

Here’s a quick preview (each with video) to stimulate your thinking. Consider it a caffeine jolt for your own exploration of the possibilities. Whether you do your best thinking in a coffee shop, on a solo drive, or in the shower, I hope you take a chance to reflect on the change you’re planning to see in 2018.

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Happy New Year,

Patrick Colletti is Net Health’s President/COO and a board director.

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