August 26, 2020 | Net Health

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Lucy to the Rescue: How Net Healther Rebecca Claus’ Dog Saved Her Son

National Dog Day, How a Rescue Saved a Net Healthers Life | Net Health

Positive, uplifting stories are desperately needed in the daily news cycle — stories that remind us that even though our country is simultaneously dealing with a global pandemic and civil unrest, there’s happiness out there. Most of us are isolated in our homes, devoid of robust human interaction, and we seek ways to keep our spirits up.

For Rebecca Claus, Vice President of Client Support at Net Health, it was her newly adopted pet, Lucy.

“I was starting to get really lonely and restless home alone without extended family or friend time, and our puppy Jack desperately needed a playmate so I could Zoom in peace,” Rebecca says.  “When we brought Lucy home, she was the distraction I desperately needed.”

Rebecca was recently featured on the Today Show to share a harrowing story involving Lucy. Check it out:

It’s not every day one of our own is featured on a popular TV show that’s viewed by millions daily. We were curious how this opportunity came about for Rebecca and her family.  

“I was very hesitant to say “yes” to the Today Show,” she says. “The booker and producer, like us, are dog lovers and I realized that others could be inspired to adopt if they heard the story. I kept in contact with the adoption manager Bridget at Furry Friends in Jupiter where both of my dogs came from, sharing pictures and stories as Lucy slowly acclimated to her new home.  Bridget then shared the stories with others at the rescue and their leadership wanted the world to know how awesome our Lucy is in hopes that other families would open their homes and their hearts to animals that come from rough starts that need extra love and patience.”

There are plenty of others out there that have similar experiences and know the joy that our furry family members can bring our households. The impact they bring to our lives shouldn’t be taken for granted and if possible, we should lend our time to those animals that aren’t fortunate enough to be in a loving household like Rebecca’s.

“I have spent all of my Volunteer Time Off organizing animal rescue visits with other employees and will continue to do so,” Rebecca says. “Fostering, adopting, even volunteering helps improve the lives of animals waiting for a furever home.”  

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