FAQ for Casamba Skilled Customers

We have prepared this FAQ to answer the questions most organizations will have regarding the Net Health acquisition and its impact on the Casamba Skilled product. If you have questions about your unique circumstances and/or configuration, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Casamba contacts or to migrations@nethealth.com for assistance.

What has been announced?

Net Health has announced the acquisition of Casamba. The combined company is called Net Health.

Who is Net Health?

Net Health is a leading healthcare software company, serving over 25,000 facilities across the continuum of care – from hospital to home. Net Health operates in four medical specialty areas: Therapy, Wound Care, Home Health & Hospice, and Occupational Medicine/Employee Health.

Net Health’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and analytics solutions enable healthcare providers to improve clinical documentation, operate efficiently, bill successfully, and gain insight into their clinical outcomes and financial operations.  

Net Health’s mission is to “Reunite Caregivers with Their Calling”. With an award-winning culture, Net Health annually ranks among the fastest growing companies and has been voted one of the “best places” to work.

Why did Net Health acquire Casamba?

With the combined capabilities of Net Health and Casamba, we will be able to better support our customers as they navigate unprecedented industry change.

Now that Net Health has acquired Casamba, who do I call for product support or other questions?

For Casamba product support, please continue to utilize the existing Casamba support process, including the Casamba Skilled community. For `Net Health product questions, please contact Net Health Sales at 800.411.6281. If at any time you’re not sure who to contact, please contact Net Health at migrations@nethealth.com.  

What’s going to happen to Casamba Skilled?

To ensure that you benefit from all our future product innovations and our best support services, we will be concentrating our future efforts on one product, Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities (formerly known as Optima), and sunsetting Casamba Skilled in March 2022. 

We have developed a comprehensive migration program that includes configuration, data migration, implementation, training, and support and we are eager to work with you to plan your migration to the Net Health product and ensure that your staff is trained. We will not charge you for these migration services.

What will be the advantages of moving to Net Health Therapy?

The Net Health product will provide you with greater data security as well as enhanced functionality, including more advanced business intelligence; a fully-integrated billing product that can schedule, process labor, and bill across multiple care settings; and intelligent documentation and evidence-based clinical decision support tools that drive better and more-efficient patient care. 

In addition, you can acquire additional, unique capabilities from Net Health, such as the FOTO outcomes management system, which improves performance, and Digital Marketing Solutions, which helps you attract more patients.

Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities will be augmented to include essential features and functionality of Casamba Skilled.

Over time the consolidation of the Casamba and Net Health Therapy product lines and service teams will enable us to accelerate product roadmaps and provide you better support and services. In addition, the larger user community will enable us to offer you more. 

Will the migration be difficult?

Providing you a seamless transition to Net Health Therapy is a top priority for us. Our newly combined teams have worked collaboratively to ensure that your product and business needs will continue to be met. Key members of the Casamba executive, product, support and implementation teams will be remaining with Net Health and will be helping ensure that your smooth migration to Net Health Therapy. Most notably, Billie Jo Nutter, Casamba’s Chief Executive Officer, and Jane Moffett, Casamba’s Chief Product Officer, will remain with Net Health, bringing with them significant customer and product knowledge.

In addition, the Net Health team is skilled at migrating Casamba users to Net Health Therapy as our implementation experts have performed many migrations from Casamba to Net Health Therapy.

When do I need to migrate to Net Health Therapy?

Net Health is targeting all migrations to be completed by the end of March 2022, and our intent is to move you as quickly as possible. Net Health will be reaching out to your organization to provide more specifics on the migration process and to begin to discuss your specific migration.

Will there be a cost associated with migrating to Net Health Therapy?

No, Net Health will migrate you to a comparable configuration of Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities at no cost.

Will you provide training on Net Health Therapy?

Yes, we will provide a full implementation and training package that is consistent with all Net Health Therapy implementations. There will be no cost to you for this implementation and training package.

What are the target dates for sunsetting Casamba Skilled?

Net Health will continue to make ongoing maintenance and defect fixes to Casamba Skilled through Dec 31, 2021 with a focus on regulatory, performance, and quality issues. We will not make major feature enhancements to the product moving forward unless they are already under development.

Net Health is targeting the following dates for taking Casamba Skilled to end of life:

  • Beginning Jan 1, 2022, we will provide fixes only for critical defects in Casamba Skilled.
  • The product will reach end-of-life and we will discontinue all support for Casamba Skilled on March 31, 2022.
I use a partner solution that is integrated with Casamba Skilled. Will I still be able to use that product?

Over the coming months, Net Health will be evaluating the partner relationships for both companies to ensure that the functionality you are using is maintained. In some cases, Net Health will already have an arrangement with a different partner that provides comparable capabilities. In other cases, Net Health will need to create relationships with current Casamba partners to provide that functionality. Our goal is to provide early notice to any changes so that we can seamlessly migrate you to Net Health with comparable functionality.

My organization is currently tax-exempt. Will this status continue with software licensed from Net Health?

Clients with valid tax -exempt certificates will continue to be able to license software with no sales tax.  As part of the transition to Net Health invoicing, we will request an updated tax-exempt certificate and validate your status as part of this process.  Other clients may be charged sales taxes depending on the particular requirements of your state.

Will I have to sign a new contract?

In most cases, you will be asked to sign a simple addendum to your current contract that will reflect your use of the Net Health Therapy product. Signing this addendum is the first step in the overall migration process and will allow us to plan and schedule your migration.

Will my software license fees increase?

Our team will migrate you from Casamba Skilled to a comparable Net Health Therapy product. Upon migration we do not anticipate your license fees will change.

Prior to my migration to Net Health Therapy, can I add more sites/facilities or add products such as analytics, Home Therapy, or Outpatient to my existing environment?

In most cases it will be beneficial to complete your migration to the Net Health product before adding sites/facilities to your existing environment.  If you must add sites/facilities before then, we will work to enable you to do that. If you believe that you need to add sites prior to your migration, please immediately raise the concern to your migration/client success manager.

Add-on products for Casamba Skilled are no longer available. After you migrate to the Net Health product, you’ll have an opportunity to add on products.

Our priority during this migration period is to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your business.

Will enhancements that were discussed with Casamba still be added?

We will not make major feature enhancements to the product moving forward unless they are already under development.

Does Net Health provide a strong IT/security infrastructure that will enable me to scale my business?

Net Health has a sophisticated IT organization that is committed to providing a modern and secure IT infrastructure that supports your business needs. The organization consists of nearly 50 full-time, US-based staff members and its leaders have decades of experience managing global enterprise IT organizations and running software systems for the US Air Force and Fortune 500 organizations, such as Dell, Cisco, Coca Cola and Volkswagen. The team includes a dedicated security team focused on prevention, detection and compliance, including maintaining compliance to the SOC 1, SOC 2, and HITRUST standards.

How can I learn more about the acquisition and how it will benefit me? Watch Casamba and Net Health: Better Together to hear Josh Pickus, CEO of Net Health, and Billie Jo Nutter, CEO of Casamba, discuss the acquisition and the advantages to post-acute providers. How can I learn more about Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities? Watch An Introduction to Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities to see a demonstration of Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities and to learn how it can help your organization.