Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution makes patient care more meaningful.”

Denise Norman, President

The Challenge

With a constant eye on innovation, Transitional Care Management actively embraces the changing nature of healthcare. As its namesuggests, the company is devoted to supporting patients as they transition from acute to post-acute care and then back to active daily life. The interesting part? Instead of defining how long that should take from an institutional perspective, they let the patient’s case tell the story.

With a hands-on approach to patient care, President Denise Norman and Director of Therapy Julia Buchler knew they needed a solution that did things differently. It was a tall order: allow therapists to treat faster while increasing the level of engagement between caregiver and patient, and do all of this without requiring a single piece of printed paper.

To accomplish this kind of progress, the company began looking for a partner with a fiercely progressive vision. But every solution they saw fell short – until Net Health Therapy

We really want therapists to spend their time providing therapy, Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution allows them to do just that.

Denise Norman, President

The Solution

Most point-of-care solutions tout the ability to increase efficiency or improve patient care, but the truth is that great solutions do both. With Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution, therapists can skip the trip back to the clinic or office to complete documentation at the end of the day. “Everything they need is right there,” said Buchler, “And the system tells the therapist where they are in terms of unfinished tasks.”

This boost in efficiency made the folks at Transitional Care Management happy, but what really amazed them were the relationships they saw being built between therapists and patients; Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution was bridging the gap between caring for patients and documenting patient care.

“Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution makes patient care more meaningful,” said Norman. “Instead of treatment being about checking boxes, it puts the focus on what is truly happening during the session.” Healthier patients and a faster way to treat them? Transitional Care Management knew they had found a win-win.

The Results

Realizing their vision of achieving a complete EMR meant that the software had to not just satisfy but delight therapists – a paperless solution is worthless if therapists don’t wholly embrace the electronic system. Thus, the adoption process was the true test.“

Our therapists love Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution,” said Buchler. “It’s so easy.” Both Norman and Buchler believe this love is a major contributing factor to the company’s zero turnover rate, an almost unheard of number in today’s healthcare climate.

With all their business needs met, Transitional Care Management is free to focus on what matters most – helping patients successfully navigate the transition back to their lives, happier and healthier than ever before. “We really want therapists to spend their time providing therapy,” said Norman. “Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution allows them to do just that.