We’re more than satisfied. Team’s been great, customer service has been great, responsiveness has been great.”

Jason Taylor, PT and Owner, Elevate Physical Therapy

The Challenge

When Jason Taylor, PT and owner of Elevate Physical Therapy in Klamath Falls, OR, opened the doors to his new practice in March 2020, he knew starting a venture would come with its fair share of challenges—from bringing in patients to building the clinic’s reputation and brand. All he hoped for was measured growth while he navigated the myriad moving parts of a practice’s first year in business.

What he couldn’t have predicted was that just a week after opening, he’d be thrown a curveball that would test the mettle of his young business: COVID-19.

Now faced with intensified headwinds, Jason needed a tool for his practice that could help streamline operations, so he could concentrate on his patients’ care and on growing the business during this tumultuous time.

Fortunately, he had one.

It’s an easy system to learn. It’s an easy system to use.”

Jason Taylor, PT and Owner, Elevate Physical Therapy

The Solution

Jason had done his due diligence when he chose the clinic’s EHR software, Net Health Therapy for Outpatient. When reviewing solutions in the market, he looked for:

• An out-of-the-box solution that was easy to use and navigate

• Scalability, so as the practice grew so too would the software and level of customization

• Responsive customer service and resources for additional learning

Net Health Therapy offered these advantages and more.

Since Elevate Physical Therapy was new in the market, it did not have any online reviews—an essential benchmark for today’s patients. Jason relied on Net Health Trust, the platform’s online reputation management feature, to easily request patient reviews and integrate them into the clinic’s website. In just a few months, Elevate Physical Therapy had dozens of positive Google reviews.This proved to be an invaluable brand-building exercise and helped to bring in new customers who were even more inclined to search for practices online during the pandemic.

The Results

Jason couldn’t be happier with the growth of Elevate Physical Therapy in its first year. In fact, he was able to hire a front desk person in the first six months, and now has four additional therapists working with him. Despite the added challenges of COVID-19, Net Health Therapy helped streamline day-to-day tasks and allowed him to focus on his business.

“That’s the sign of a good EHR—that you don’t have to think about it,” said Jason. “It’s intuitive, easy to use, and the staff like it.”

Now that there is some room to take a breath, Jason has seen more clarity around the software’s daily and weekly reporting features, and he anticipates tapping into the many additional customizations and training opportunities.