Because of the Net Health® Wound Care platform, we had the scalability we needed to allow us to grow the business without needing to worry about if the EHR could support our growth.”

Pat Mullally
Chief Information Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of RestorixHealth

The Challenge

Eight years ago, RestorixHealth®, a wound care management company headquartered in White Plains, New York, was on the cusp of rapid expansion without the confidence afforded by a robust and adaptable EHR solution. Many of the existing options available at the time were rudimentary, lacked critical functionality, and failed to provide the streamlined framework necessary to support a successful expansion.

I can’t recall a time when we haven’t been able to integrate with a hospital to meet their needs, because each one of them is a little bit of a custom build. We could send in five new clients today and know that in a few weeks at the longest they’re going to be built and they’re going to be built exactly how we expect them to be built.”

RestorixHealth offers contract wound care services on-site to large acute care hospitals, as well as critical access facilities serving rural demographics. Because of the diversity of operating environments and the projected expansion, the company needed an EHR solution that delivered:

  • An ability to standardize workflows across all locations that integrate with each hospital’s unique procedures
  • In-depth reporting and documentation to support billing, compliance, and regulatory changes
  • A mature solution with flexible customizability to meet the everchanging landscape of the wound care industry
  • A collaborative partner prepared to support the company during its growth

Net Health Wound Care allows us, across the board, at all of our locations, to have the same workflows, so that when our staff are doing the documentation, it prompts them to do everything they need to do.”

The Solution

The solution for RestorixHealth’s needs and the company’s future growth-driven demands was clear. Net Health Wound Care, a specialized EHR solution, provides a sophisticated, user-friendly, web-based solution specifically built for the wound care industry.

Now being utilized by over 2,000 facilities, including RestorixHealth, and supporting over $2 billion in health services annually, Net Health Wound Care delivers:

Net Health Wound Care allows us to ensure that the documentation to support billing is rock solid and consistent. We do very well in our audits. The hospitals do very well on their wound care audits, near 100%, because of the strong documentation and our policies.”

  • In-depth wound assessment and care planning documentation that is highly configurable and can be integrated with nearly any HIS
  • The ability to tailor workflows and create documentation templates at the parent level to standardize operations, trainings, and benchmarking across facilities
  • Continual software updates to drive compliance with the industry’s ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Detailed documentation to support billing and defense in the case of an audit
  • A partner deeply invested in the success of its clients

Led by a dedicated project manager, the Net Health Wound Care product provided more than a solution; it delivered a powerful partnership to confidently support the existing operations at RestorixHealth and turbocharge the company’s logistics as it expanded operations.

The Results

RestorixHealth, now operating in over 250 hospitals nationwide, continues to drive positive results for its patients and partners through the powerful support of the Net Health Wound Care EHR. As the company continues its overall growth and expands its reach into nursing homes and at-home care, the decision to choose Net Health continues to bear fruit for the company.

Key results for RestorixHealth, as described by Pat Mullally, Chief Information Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of RestorixHealth, include:

  • Seamless Integration with New Hospital Partners
  • The Ability to Standardize Workflows Company-Wide
  • Laser-Focused and Customizable Documentation

The partnership between Net Health and RestorixHealth serves as a real-world demonstration of the power of partnership between an expanding wound care management company and an adaptive and forward-thinking EHR solution.