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Pathways for Value-Based Care Success in Skilled Nursing Facilities 

Grand Slam Guide: Navigating Value-Based Care Programs for Skilled Nursing Facilities 

How is your skilled nursing facility doing with the adoption of value-based care? Navigating the ongoing shift to VBC in any setting can be complex but rewarding. In the first chapter, get insights into how effective value-based care programs can help skilled nursing facilities increase reimbursement, improve performance and quality ratings within value-based purchasing programs, and negotiate better terms with payers.  

In 2025, the focus of SNF VBP will be on reducing hospital readmissions. SNFs that achieve high performance or significantly improve their readmission rates will receive higher reimbursement.   

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 

Leveraging Data to Optimize Value-Based Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities 

How vital are data and analytic solutions for success in value-based care? In Chapter 2, learn how data and analytic solutions can help skilled nursing facilities optimize the effectiveness of VBC programs. Find out what data is typically used to create benchmarks to help drive performance and how data generated by VBC programs can help support payer negotiations and reporting.

Value-based care programs in skilled nursing facilities are pivotal in enhancing patient outcomes and reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions, ultimately leading to improved quality of care and cost savings.  

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Unlock Better Outcomes and Reimbursement in Your SNF: Leveraging Social Determinants of Health and CMS Value-Based Care Guidelines 

How can social, economic, and environmental conditions that affect health outcomes play a role in a patient’s value-based care journey from admission to discharge at a SNF? In Chapter 3, discover tips for improving patient outcomes and reimbursement in value-based care programs through social determinants of health (SDOH) at skilled nursing facilities.  

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