September 15, 2017 | Net Health

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CNBC: Reiterating that you should consider a career at Net Health

Durham (NC), Nashville, and Pittsburgh were ranked as the top three cities to accommodate millennials aged 25-35, according to a recent CNBC article.

What’s the link to us?

Net Health works in each of these cities. Why are these places so great? (Don’t take our word for it, let the research speak for itself.) According to the article, the high availability of job opportunities coupled with the low cost of living makes these three cities some of the best-suited places for economically aware folks between 25-35. Also, vibrant community life and diverse cultural atmospheres add a huge appeal to people seeking a city-living experience. Net Health has more than 200 people working in both Nashville and Pittsburgh, plus a large inter-connected employee hub working out of the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham). While we didn’t exactly put these cities on the map, we’re psyched that their growth and appeal compliment the energetic and forward looking attitude Net Health promotes.

 Curious about what it’s like working at Net Health? Check out some of the current opportunities we have in these great places.

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