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From EHR Superuser to Net Health Superhero

Considering that 43% of physical therapy clinics are likely to change their EHR or EMR software three or more times1, it can certainly be rare to find a user with more than two decades of experience in a single system.

Yet, that’s what makes Milissa Berry an outlier in the rehab therapy space – a user who, during her career in physical therapy clinic administration, has primarily utilized a single EHR solution since 1999.

Milissa Berry, Net Health Therapy for Clinics, Physical Therapy Software EMR
Milissa Berry

The solution back then was called Casamba, an EHR software that evolved over the years and eventually became Net Health® Therapy for Clinics – a specialized, cloud-based rehab management software that serves the needs of private practice physical, occupational and speech therapists.

And throughout that time, Milissa not only became a superuser within the EHR system. She developed a professional devotion to Net Health Therapy for Clinics – a staunch advocate for its reliability, its customization, its automation and its customer service.

This led her to want to help others in physical therapy realize these benefits for the sake of their clinics and patients.

“Watching how [Net Health® Therapy for Clinics] has changed through the years has been really neat,” she said. “I’ve seen the progression of what it was years ago to now, after years excelling in the space, having the modern ‘hipness’ of a customizable web-based solution that’s definitely geared toward therapy.

“It’s all there – everything therapists are looking for and everything they need.”

Today, Milissa not only helps spread this message, but she now helps new customers achieve mastery of our Therapy for Clinics solutions product as an Implementation Specialist with Net Health®.

Vast Industry Knowledge + Needs of the Modern Physical Therapist

Milissa began her administrative career in private practice physical therapy back in the 1990s. She took a billing job at a small, Texas-based clinic that started using the Casamba EHR around the time the world was obsessing over Y2K.

Needless to say, Milissa had a front-row seat as the software continually made adjustments and improvements to accommodate improving technologies, changes in physical therapy billing and management, and evolving customer needs and expectations.

Milissa witnessed these changes as she herself grew to become a more dynamic member of the clinic’s staff, taking on responsibilities that included scheduling, training, management and customer relations.

“I’ve watched the EHR grow – watched all the therapists have to learn new strategies from both a therapy and a billing perspective,” she said. “I watched as everything we wanted to happen [within the software’s growth] happened.”

That includes improved and more intelligent billing capabilities, quicker and more thorough reporting, unlimited customization, documentation guardrails and templates, and automated alerts and notifications.

And, as Net Health® Therapy for Clinics is a specialized, cloud-based EHR, Milissa said she enjoys the ability to use tabs, allowing clients to access multiple pages of information and notes without having to close out of other screens.

The Problem with One-Size-Fits-All Physical Therapy Software

According to Milissa, the key features that continually fueled her devotion to the Net Health® Therapy for Clinics EHR all seemed to have one thing in common: they drove efficiency, saving time for both physical therapists and the administrative/billing teams.

It’s an aspect of Net Health’s physical therapy software, she said, that separates it from other one-size-fits-all options which, on the surface, may seem more affordable out of the box.

“I can understand why a lot of owners might be attracted to cheaper options, but in my experience, you’re always going to pay the difference in manpower,” Milissa said. “When you’re inefficient, you’re going to end up paying people more to do work that, in some cases, can be automated or streamlined with the right EHR system.”

And, rehab therapy clinicians can also save money by investing in an EHR system that grows as they do. This includes providing enterprise-quality solutions for smaller practices as well as those that have several – even hundreds – of locations while providing a diverse mix of services.

“Net Health’s Therapy for Clinics is very customizable, and I believe that’s what most providers want – the ability to customize things and make it their own,” Milissa said. “They want a software that will grow as they grow and still provide added value to their clinics.”

Learn More About Net Health® Therapy for Clinics

If you have outgrown your one-size-fits-all EHR solution and are ready to switch to a system that is customizable to your clinic – whether you have a single location or multiple clinics throughout a region – we would be happy to introduce you to Net Health® Therapy for Clinics. Simply click here to schedule your demo today!

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1 Medical Economics, “2017 EHR Report Card,” Oct. 24, 2017

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