November 20, 2017 | Net Health

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Ergonomics: The Cost of Workplace Conditions

For hospital employees, a huge part of the workday is spent either hunched over a computer or manuevering patients. It’s not hard to believe that handling patients is a common cause of workplace injury. It is surpising that musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), the frequent result of a poor sitting environment, account for 600,000 injuries and illnesses. one out of every three dollars spent on workers’ compensation is spent on MSDs according to an estimate by OSHA. This suggests that employers could be spending over $20 billion dollars annually on MSD direct-care costs, and the indirect costs could be up to 5 times as much.

Taking steps to improving hospital and office ergonomics saves businesses serious money, and it also promotes more productive work hours and occupational safety and health. People work better when they are comfortable!

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, around 20 percent of days of missed work are due to injuries that happen as a result of poor office design. Companies that consider their employees’ work environment and how it can affect health and efficiency potentially can reduce workplace injuries.

Read the full article by Jeffrey Smagacz at EHS Today

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