March 29, 2023 | Net Health

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Got Questions? Our Latest Ebook has Answers

Find real-world guidance for investing in your next wound care software solution

If you are looking for new wound care software, chances are you have questions, a lot of them. Getting the information you need starts with asking the right questions. Our latest ebook, “The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask When Wound Care Software Shopping”provides the insights needed to ensure your next software investment is good for you, your patients, and your practice.

There are a lot of essential features to consider in your purchasing decision, from flexibility to how it helps you manage workflows to much more. But the crucial step in the process begins with you and our team. Take some time to analyze your program honestly. What are your needs? What works well? What areas present problems for you and your colleagues (or you if you are a solo provider)?

The issue of how new technology will impact the office and staff is especially important. For example, administrative tasks like coding, billing, MIPS reporting, and ensuring other providers get the information they need are critical. However, clinicians focused on patient care and maintaining compliance may not always look at those areas.

Yet, if there is a problem with the basics of your program, it can have a ripple effect down the line. Don’t just ask how a new software program can benefit you; think about its implications for everyone on the team. Take time to listen and honestly think of how a new technology might most help your entire program.

Beyond the Ten

A Ten Tips List can never cover every aspect of what to consider when making a major software purchase. There are other factors to consider as well. These include:

  • Training –  Will the vendor provide clear educational programs to help you and staff master the software? For how long? Do they charge extra? Do they provide periodic sessions? What is the policy for training new staff/users?
  • Customer service – Consider this nightmare scenario. It’s a holiday weekend; the power went out, and now you can’t get the system to reboot; who will you call? Ensure your software provider has processes to ensure they are there to help when you need them. Timely, responsive and knowledgeable are three of the most important features in customer service.
  • Additional Costs – Often, vendors will charge extra for certain programs, features and equipment necessary to optimize the operations of the technology. Ask for details and ensure you fully understand what you are getting with your purchase and what might cost extra.
  • Integration with other software – No matter what software you purchase, at some point, it will have to integrate or share information with other technology, most notably an electronic health record system (EHR) like Epic, Cerner or NextGen. That process needs to be efficient and streamlined, not add more work for you or your staff. Ask detailed questions, talk to current customers and ensure your selection provides the capabilities you’ll need.  

Our Ten Tips is a great overview for those conducting due diligence on a software purchasing decision. “The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask When Wound Care Software Shopping” provides tips on everything from workflows and features to certification and billing. If you’re looking for wound care software today . . . or in the near future, be sure to download it today.

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